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THE HABITS THAT LAND YOU LINKS Stacey Cavanagh Tecmark #brightonseo

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I have a confession…

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I still love links.

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Despite potential heartbreak…

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We still need links. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCY30WhI2og

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No more cheating.

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It’s about doing stuff that lands links

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Producing awesome stuff

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Doing awesome stuff

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Being generally awesome

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And being real.

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None of this is new information

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But it’s all easier said than done.

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And harder to scale than…

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There’s no magic formula

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But, you can start by building good habits.

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In 3 key areas…

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Content marketing demands a seemingly endless stream of good ideas.

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We needed an efficient means of ideas generation

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Where do you look for inspiration on efficiency?

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Efficiency at its best.

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Introducing Bernd Rohrbach

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108 ideas in 30 minutes

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6-3-5 method of brainwriting http://blogsession.co.uk/2014/03/635-method-brainwriting/

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You need 6 people

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A simple worksheet goo.gl/1ZuiGN

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30 minutes

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Start with a Problem statement

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5 minutes. 3 ideas each

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Pass worksheets to the left

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Write 3 ideas inspired by the 3 you’ve been handed

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Lather. Rinse. Repeat

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That’s 108 ideas in 30 minutes

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This isn’t INSTEAD of other methods

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It’s AS WELL as…

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Verbal brainstorming

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Crowdsourcing ideas.

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Solo ideation sessions

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Differentiate between ideas generation and concept development

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Lots of ideas may only result in a couple of concepts

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And that’s ok!

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NUF testing is a great way to narrow a long list of ideas down! http://creatingminds.org/tools/nuf_test.htm

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Seek impartial feedback

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Ideation Tools

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Generate “Tweets” based on your ideas and split test them here (free)…

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2. ASSET GENERATION (or collation)

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Thorough audits of existing assets

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Do this in person

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We got into the habit of asking our clients for images

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Loads of Images

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Hint: They don’t have to be phenomenal ones!

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Image link attribution building isn’t new

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But it is effective

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Share images on Flickr under Creative Commons

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And tell people how to attribute

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SEO for Images on Flickr

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Get into the habit of regular reclamation sessions

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Get really good at tactics that can be applied cross niche

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Like creating stories from surveys

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Content curation is a cross niche tactic

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http://www.slideshare.net/aleydasolis/getting-content-curation-right-at-smx-smxmuenchen <<< Speak to @aleyda!

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Get into the mindset of considering offline content

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Sometimes, linkworthy content is a chair made out of scrap car parts.

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User Student generated offline content… http://www.dronsfields.com/auction/

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Work closely with clients’ other departments to think bigger and bolder with more benefits than “SEO”

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Work closely with other organisations to cut costs and share benefits

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Do something real.

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It results in coverage

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And coverage results in links.

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Collaborate. Think bigger. Think offlin-er.

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Build your little black book

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Start on day 1

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With a contacts audit.

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You’ll need an evolving list of journalists/bloggers/other relevant contacts

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You’ll need excellent monitoring tools.

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I use Buzzstream to manage this list. http://www.buzzstream.com

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Find more journalists and opportunities

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Read these (repeatedly)

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Apply the principles in your outreach

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Particularly pay attention to the reciprocity rule

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I say it a lot, I know.

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And I sound like my Nan.

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But this guy…

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Is doing it better than this guy

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Pick up the phone.

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Send handwritten letters.

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Yes, really…

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Response rates depend on project, audience and approach, of course

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But allow me to share some (very unscientific) analysis…

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NOTE: Small sample sizes – 100 emails, 40 phone calls, 20 letters sent out and this relates to just one event centric project.

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Step back in time. Good old fashioned communications are disruptive.

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Thank you stacey.cavanagh@tecmark.co.uk GET IN TOUCH @staceycav https://plus.google.com/+StaceyCavanagh

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