How to Use LinkedIn's Publishing Platform to Generate Leads

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How to Use LinkedIn's Publishing Platform to Generate Leads

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1,000,000 publishers on LinkedIn with over 130,000 posts per week published Page 2

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THE OPPORTUNITY  Publishers represent only .25% of total LinkedIn membership  More than 1/2 of best performing posts written by everyday people  45% of readers are in upper ranks of their industries (Managers, CEO’s, Owners) Page 3

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“ LinkedIn can provide a network effect to your best thinking. ” - Dan Roth, Executive Editor at LinkedIn Page 4

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Why Publish on the LPP? 5 Compelling Reasons! Page 5

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1. Be viewed as a thought leader and credible expert in your industry, market or niche 2. Reinforce your existing client/customer relationships 3. Generate new leads or prospects 4. Grow your network of connections and followers 5. Increase reach and visibility (even beyond LinkedIn) Page 6

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What to Write About on the LPP - 7 Tips Page 7

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The LinkedIn Audience = The Working World Page 8

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The LPP Golden Rule Help your target audience… Learn Think Feel Achieve Page 9

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TIP 1 Cover universal themes  professional development      business marketing career self-improvement leadership Page 10

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The CEO of a benefits company writes about what every entrepreneur needs to know about Obamacare. Page 11

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TIP 2 Specific topics or trends related to your industry/market /niche Page 12

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A technology start-up advisor writes about Tesla, oil companies, and the future of mobility. Page 13

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TIP 3 Personal insights and lessons learned “What I learned from…” Page 14

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TIP 4 News affecting your industry, market or niche (Your POV) Page 15

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TIP 5 Review what LinkedIn Influencers are writing about Bonus! Look for the trending ‘monthly’ LinkedIn Influencer hashtags #HowIHire Page 16

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TIP 6 Feature influencers and experts – share their stories Page 17

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TIP 7 Get ideas from posts featured on LinkedIn Pulse channels OWN A CHANNEL! Page 18

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Where to find LinkedIn Pulse Channels: https://www.linkedin .com/pulse/discover Page 19

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Best Practices for Standing Out on the LPP Page 20

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Add a Primary Image Use an image that is relevant and unique. Page 21

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Make it Scan-able Break your posts up with subheads and spaces. Page 22

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Tag Your Posts Bonus: Choose relevant tags that correspond with LinkedIn Pulse channels. Page 23

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Insert a Call-to-Action At the end of your post, include a callto-action! (can include a hyperlinked image) Page 24

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Experiment with Word Count and Frequency  500 – 2000 words  weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly Page 25

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Republish, Don’t Replace (Your Blog) Republish the entire post and include mention of where published. Page 26

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Craft a Compelling Headline  Major media outlets, popular blogs, tools  Free Tool: CoSchedule Headline Analyzer http://coschedule.com/headline-analyzer Page 27

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Killer Promotional Strategies for Your LPP Posts Page 28

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= Engagement Equity Page 29

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Share Your LPP Posts  multiple times (on LinkedIn)  on other social media channels  with your email list  with specific people Page 30

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Share your LPP Posts Page  Visit your profile  Scroll down to your posts  Click “See More”  Grab your LPP Posts page URL  Share on social networks, website, email signature Page 31

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Proactively grow your network 1st degree connections automatically follow your posts Page 32

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Revise Old Posts  Do you have an image and call-toaction?  Do you have 3 tags?  Can the post be improved upon? Page 33

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Give LinkedIn Pulse a Heads Up (Sparingly) Tweet the following: Tip @LinkedInPulse Page 34

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Want to learn how to get MORE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES on ? Page 35

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DOWNLOAD your FREE TIP SHEET: 9 Quick Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Influence Page 36

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DOWNLOAD your FREE TIP SHEET: 9 Quick Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Influence Click to access! Page 37

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