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Business Lessons from Bar Rescue ’s Jon Taffer .com/Podcasts

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Jon Taffer is a bar consultant, TV personality, and author (Raise the Bar), who is best known as host of the Spike TV reality series Bar Rescue.

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The following is excerpted from an interview Jon did with MarketingProfs Marketing Smarts podcast host Kerry O’Shea Gorgone. Listen to the full interview here: http://mprofs.com/taffer

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LESSON 1 Marketing is the business of creating reactions.

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“ We don’t market, we create reactions... If marketing doesn’t create a reaction, it’s meaningless. ” JON TAFFER

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“ Whether we’re marketers, promoters, food developers, beverage developers, business owners… he or she who creates the best reactions wins. JON TAFFER

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LESSON 2 If at first you don't succeed in creating the reaction you want, try again (and again and again).

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“ Let’s say I design a plate and it hits the table and you don’t sit up. I will design it until you do. It’s not the plate, it’s whether you sit up or not that’s going to make me money. ” JON TAFFER

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LESSON 3 To drive revenue, make people laugh. (Seriously.)

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“ You never walk out of a room in the middle of a laugh. In a bar environment my job is to take you somewhere that is more fun than you would normally have. JON TAFFER ”

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LESSON 4 You get three steps to create a positive reaction in people. If you fail, they're out the door.

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“ Everything happens the first three steps in. Creating the right branding and expectation on the outside so people aren’t disappointed when they come inside is very important. JON TAFFER ”

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LESSON 5 There’s nothing wrong with running a dive bar, as long as that works for your audience.

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“ Dive bars can be very cool even though they’re worn and have holes in the seats. It takes really hip music and a hip crowd to make a dive bar cool. You have to know who you are. JON TAFFER ”

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LESSON 6 Don’t embrace excuses: Embrace solutions.

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“ The #1 reason why bars fail or don’t achieve potential is because of excuses. People saying ‘the recession is bad’ – false, somebody is making money... People have excuses every day. ” JON TAFFER

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LESSON 7 If business is consistently bad, you might be the problem.

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“ I challenge everything and I start to hold [owners] accountable for everything. ‘You did this. Why did you do this? Why did you do that?’ The moment they doubt themselves, their ego gets crushed, their brain opens a crack, and then I can walk in. That’s the process. JON TAFFER

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LESSON 8 What’s in a name? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

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“ I find it remarkable that [owners of a failing bar] feel ingratiated or emotionally connected to something that caused them to lose their homes, their fortunes, their cars, writing checks for $6,000 every month, but that name ‘Joe’s Bar’ is coveted to them. To me it’s a cancer. JON TAFFER

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LESSON 9 Success isn’t about pleasing only the customers you have. It’s about appealing to people who aren’t customers yet.

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“ When you’re losing money, your business is not about the people who come, it’s about the people who don’t come. It’s not about who is there, it’s about who is not there or you wouldn’t be losing money. JON TAFFER ”

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Listen to the full interview here: http://mprofs.com/taffer

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