throwing shit against the wall & analysing what sticks…

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throwing shit against the wall & analysing what sticks… Hannah smith content strategist @distilled

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that has negative connotations @hannah_bo_banna

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I beg to differ @hannah_bo_banna

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present an idea & test the reaction @hannah_bo_banna

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is the only way to succeed @hannah_bo_banna

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but I’m jumping ahead… @hannah_bo_banna

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hannah.smith@distilled.net @hannah_bo_banna Caffeine Addict Moz Associate Writes on State of Digital, Medium & SEO Chicks Hannah smith Content Strategist at Distilled

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what I’m covering @hannah_bo_banna

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here are some things I’ve made @hannah_bo_banna

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http://www.simplybusiness.co.uk/microsites/googleplus-for-small-businesses/ @hannah_bo_banna

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@hannah_bo_banna http://www.twolittlefleas.co.uk/happiness-generator/

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http://www.twolittlefleas.co.uk/happiness-generator/ @hannah_bo_banna

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http://www.thetrainline.com/tools/festival-finder/ @hannah_bo_banna

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I endeavour to create content that… @hannah_bo_banna

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will blow people’s minds

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for a precious heartbeat or two…

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create things that are useful

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things that will blow their minds

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things that will blow their minds

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create things people will love

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that sounds hard @hannah_bo_banna

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do you really need to do that? @hannah_bo_banna

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yes I think you do @hannah_bo_banna

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content marketing is not new @hannah_bo_banna

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but how we consume content online @hannah_bo_banna

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has & will continue to change @hannah_bo_banna

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we surface content through filters… @hannah_bo_banna

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do you actually see updates from the companies you follow? @hannah_bo_banna

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“A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook @hannah_bo_banna

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facebook protects us from unwanted content @hannah_bo_banna

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& so does our technology @hannah_bo_banna

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With four months of steady decline, it’s apparent that tabs are affecting opens in Gmail. After the introduction of the tabbed inbox in May, Gmail opens have dropped 20% Justine Jordan, Litmus @hannah_bo_banna https://litmus.com/blog/48-of-emails-are-opened-on-mobile-gmail-opens-down-20-since-tabs

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permission may no longer be enough… @hannah_bo_banna

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to bypass the filters your content must be shared by lots of people - not just you @hannah_bo_banna

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people need to love your marketing

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today I bring you @hannah_bo_banna

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the stumbling blocks, pitfalls @hannah_bo_banna

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& gut-wrenching anguish @hannah_bo_banna

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that I’ve encountered when creating content @hannah_bo_banna

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& tips for how to live to fight another day @hannah_bo_banna

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stumbling blocks @hannah_bo_banna

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can’t we just create something that shows why people should buy our stuff? ~ The Client @hannah_bo_banna

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me: the sort of content that drives conversion? @hannah_bo_banna

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yeah, do that & get people to share it ~ The Client @hannah_bo_banna

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me: you want me to get you free advertising? @hannah_bo_banna

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yeah! ~ The Client @hannah_bo_banna

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content should be goal-driven @hannah_bo_banna

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what you create depends on what you want to achieve @hannah_bo_banna

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advertising isn’t shared unless it also entertains / educates @hannah_bo_banna

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content to ‘persuade’ isn’t shared unless it also entertains / educates @hannah_bo_banna

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sometimes it works @hannah_bo_banna

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sometimes it just ‘appears’ to @hannah_bo_banna

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yay! @hannah_bo_banna

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but people see through this… @hannah_bo_banna

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Time to start buying food for Christmas! (says supermarket chain) @hannah_bo_banna

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you’re getting coverage… @hannah_bo_banna

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it’s even hitting your target audience @hannah_bo_banna

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but @hannah_bo_banna

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self-serving messaging can alienate the people you seek to engage @hannah_bo_banna

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people need to love your marketing

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pitfalls @hannah_bo_banna

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limited creative scope @hannah_bo_banna

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that’s off-brand ~ The Client @hannah_bo_banna

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sometimes this is true… @hannah_bo_banna

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but @hannah_bo_banna

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your brand is not what you sell @hannah_bo_banna

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your brand is how you sell it

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it’s about your values @hannah_bo_banna

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your content must not contradict your brand values @hannah_bo_banna

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but @hannah_bo_banna

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don’t limit your content @hannah_bo_banna

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don’t limit yourself @hannah_bo_banna

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your content doesn’t have to be *just* about what you sell @hannah_bo_banna

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sell soft drinks @hannah_bo_banna

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but their content is about extreme sports @hannah_bo_banna

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because that’s what their target audience love & share @hannah_bo_banna

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it’s our job to persuade brands to think beyond their products @hannah_bo_banna

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& think about their audience instead @hannah_bo_banna

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http://www.concerthotels.com/ipod-visualized-as-vinyl @hannah_bo_banna

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http://www.simplybusiness.co.uk/microsites/googleplus-for-small-businesses/ @hannah_bo_banna

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@hannah_bo_banna http://www.twolittlefleas.co.uk/happiness-generator/

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http://www.twolittlefleas.co.uk/happiness-generator/ @hannah_bo_banna

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http://www.thetrainline.com/tools/festival-finder/ @hannah_bo_banna

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so @hannah_bo_banna

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how do you figure out what your audience love / need / want? @hannah_bo_banna

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what will blow people’s minds?

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to succeed you’ll need to… @hannah_bo_banna

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research your audience @hannah_bo_banna

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surveys & focus groups @hannah_bo_banna

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What problems do they have? What do they love? What do they hate? What do they share? What sites do they read? How do they spend time online? What about offline? @hannah_bo_banna

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research what sticks @hannah_bo_banna

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study what works & try to deconstruct why @hannah_bo_banna

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but don’t spend too much time on this! @hannah_bo_banna

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what works for one company may not work for you @hannah_bo_banna

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frame your content appropriately @hannah_bo_banna

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@hannah_bo_banna http://www.cordless-phones.uk.com/blog/ligo/news/social-media-bad-phone.htm

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there’s some stuff about being bad for your phone… @hannah_bo_banna

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but there’s also some stuff about your well-being… @hannah_bo_banna

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but remember there are no guarantees @hannah_bo_banna

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it’s incredibly hard to predict what will resonate @hannah_bo_banna

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at some point, you have to @hannah_bo_banna

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if you don’t launch anything you can’t learn anything @hannah_bo_banna

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throw shit against the wall, & analyse what sticks @hannah_bo_banna

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sometimes… @hannah_bo_banna

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you’ll fail @hannah_bo_banna

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gut-wrenching anguish @hannah_bo_banna

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it is the worst @hannah_bo_banna

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but failure is a necessary part of the process @hannah_bo_banna

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how to live to fight another day @hannah_bo_banna

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pick your battles @hannah_bo_banna

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if there’s no appetite for content to entertain / educate @hannah_bo_banna

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focus on content to persuade or convert first @hannah_bo_banna

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recognise the pitfalls & stumbling blocks @hannah_bo_banna

Слайд 135

don’t just power on through @hannah_bo_banna

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you risk wasting time & effort on something which might never be launched @hannah_bo_banna

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acknowledge & address issues @hannah_bo_banna

Слайд 138

be prepared to start over if you have to @hannah_bo_banna

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make your content go further @hannah_bo_banna

Слайд 141

make sure your content works across all browsers & devices @hannah_bo_banna

Слайд 142

make sure your social share buttons work @hannah_bo_banna

Слайд 143

make your headline & social share copy ‘clicky’ @hannah_bo_banna http://www.upworthy.com/you-will-not-believe-how-easy-it-is-to-make-something-go-viral

Слайд 144

create images for social sharing @hannah_bo_banna http://www.upworthy.com/you-will-not-believe-how-easy-it-is-to-make-something-go-viral

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place retargeting pixels on all of your content @hannah_bo_banna

Слайд 146

test paid promotion @hannah_bo_banna

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plan to fail @hannah_bo_banna

Слайд 149

be honest @hannah_bo_banna

Слайд 150

talk openly about the risks & why it’s important to try anyway @hannah_bo_banna

Слайд 151

manage expectations @hannah_bo_banna

Слайд 152

agree what ‘success’ looks like before you launch @hannah_bo_banna

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learn from failure @hannah_bo_banna

Слайд 155

deconstruct what did and did not work @hannah_bo_banna

Слайд 156

share your learning with everyone @hannah_bo_banna

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and keep going @hannah_bo_banna

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how we consume content online @hannah_bo_banna

Слайд 160

has & will continue to change @hannah_bo_banna

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permission may no longer be enough… @hannah_bo_banna

Слайд 162

people need to love your marketing

Слайд 163

throw more shit against the wall and analyse what sticks @hannah_bo_banna

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hannah.smith@distilled.net @hannah_bo_banna Caffeine Addict Moz Associate Writes on State of Digital, Medium & SEO Chicks Hannah smith Content Strategist

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