Digital Marketing Philippines: Filipinos and Internet Usage

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Digital Marketing Philippines: Filipinos and Internet Usage

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There are 2.4 billion internet users worldwide 33.6 million are in the Philippines Philippines is a fast rising country when it comes to digital media.

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Filipino internet audience is the fastest growing in Asia 52% of Filipinos have high speed internet connection at home 42% are online daily spending 21.5 hours online a week

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Filipinos are searching 6.8 million internet users are searching 84% users engage in search / navigation activities 63% users search on mobile everyday

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Filipino consumers use their phones to research everywhere 69% at home 21% on the go 17% in a store 14% on public transport

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Filipinos are open to online ads 35% are open to relevant ads 83% believe relevant ads make lives easier 85% of Filipinos watch online videos on products/services they’re buying

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Filipinos are world’s second on multimedia usage In a five-hour span, they spend 99 minutes on the TV 143 minutes on laptops 174 minutes on smartphones and 110 minutes on tablets, with some being used simultaneously

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It's projected that there will be 66 million internet users in the Philippines by 2016. This means that there will be larger marketing for search advertising and social media which are good for online marketers and businesses! Way to go Philippines!

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