You Built It… Now Will they Buy It?

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You Built It… Now Will they Buy It? 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Build Demand and Improve Marketing ProductCamp Boston | May 2014

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The Good. 70

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The Bad. 2.2%

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The Ugly. 97%

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You’re missing opportunities. (And here’s why.)

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1. Aggressive media outreach increases visibility. 2. Creative ideas build thought leadership. 3. Content-rich campaigns drive urgency & sales. 4. Quantifiable goals = measurable results. 5. Brand distinction drives valuation. 5 Essential Points of Distinction Once is not enough.

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What you have to work with: Content Website Demand Gen Blogs Infographics Social Thought Leadership Video Webinars Media/PR Word-of-mouth Likes Shares Retweets SEO Reviews Events & Speaking Net Promoter (Advocates) Sponsored Content Advertisements Pay-per-click Owned Paid Earned

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Relationships only get you so far.

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1. H2H. The new B2B2E. 2. Narrow nets rule. 3. The WAIT game. 4. The new Face Time. It’s not about the meeting. The New Rules

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Proving it

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Starting gate: Create the 1st R&D pipeline in 75+ years Old-school outlook. Marketing = useless. Case Study: $1B Industrial Co Game plan: Fan club: Who’s in? Why? Marketing 101. Who to target. How. What. How often. Rollout: Automate. Test. Analyze. ROI to convince skeptics.

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47 leads in 72 hours 30 days: 3 projects, 1 new customer Value: $1,000,000+ ROI:

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WOM Impact Urgent Goal: Tap passionate customer base 3 Games – 1 Winner Choice: cash, gift card, charity…or Netflix Facebook, Twitter, newsletter…and email

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8,000 new signups monthly ROI: $230,000 in new sales in 6 months

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Social Strategy: Visual impact = holiday cheer & food Brand allegiance, awareness and connectedness Pin It to Win It Game plan: Pinterest page, $5,000 holiday sweepstakes www.kalhuaholiday.com Social ROI Organic ‘pins’ +50X; followers + 1,432% 10,000 new names

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Framing a B2B Campaign

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1. Killer content that reaches beyond your product. 2. Tomorrow is more interesting than today. Real-world data reaches the right audience. 3. Compelling campaigns package insight, news, visuals, webinars, sales and social. 4. Test. Measure. Reuse. Test..= Constantly better ROI. 5. Brand distinction drives valuation. (* samples available) Hit the Sweet Spot Original+Essential = Power

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Amy Bermar, President c: 617.827.5779 abermar@corporateink.com www.corporateink.com Here’s to being our own toughest judges. Amy Bermar Corporate Ink Integrated Marketing & PR 617-827-5779 abermar@corporateink.com