Why Content Marketing Fails

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Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | rand@moz.com Why Content Marketing Fails

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Download this Slide Deck bit.ly/mozcontentfail

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Failure Sucks

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Most Content Efforts Will Fail Spike of hope Flatline of nope

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You’ll Invest with the Best of Intentions

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You’ll Launch with Excitement

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And it Will Suck

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And You Won’t Know Why

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Why Your Content Marketing Will Fail 5 Reasons

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You Believed the Biggest Myth Content Marketing Ever Told the World #1

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We Imagine Content Marketing Works Like This… Let’s go see what’s on the Internet today, shall we?

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I wonder what this post Kieran tweeted is all about.

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That was an interesting. I should sign up for this free ebook download while I’m here!

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And I’ll just fill out their contact form with my information….

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Oh! Better not forget to follow all their social profiles while I’m at it.

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You might laugh, but a lot of companies invest in content marketing on the assumption that this is how it works! Me make content. Humans click. Them buy. Me get money.

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In Reality, It Works Like This: Let’s see what’s on Hacker News… Meh.

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How about Facebook? Oh, right. Baby pictures.

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Let’s try Twitter. Meh.

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Maybe Google+? Actually… This looks kinda interesting.

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After seeing 400+ links I could have clicked, I finally chose this one. It’s a good article, and this example, naturally, resonated ?

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I wonder why I like this blog so much? About a week later, I caught a link to Beardbrand’s blog.

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No magic trick to grow a thicker beard?! Dammit! I’d followed them on Google+, so I watched this video they shared, too.

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When my lovely wife told me that I might need to look into some mustache wax, I thought of Beardbrand. But I couldn’t remember their name! Lovely Wife Imminent need for mustache wax Who were those guys that made the cool beard stuff?

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So, naturally, I searched Google: Nope Nope Nope Yes!!

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A Perfect Match!

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Say goodbye bushy handlebars!

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This is How Content Marketing Really Works: Caveman Rand explain.

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This is How Content Marketing Really Works: Me Make Content. Humans click. If them like, them remember. Maybe them see more content I make. Visit again. Me build trust, relationship with humans. When them need me product, them come back.

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Content marketing not about convert 1st visit. Or 2nd. Or 3rd. Only foolish humans think it work like this.

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Content marketing about earning familiarity, trust, and relationship.

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Maybe sale come. Maybe not. Smart cave marketer no care. Smart cave marketer know every visit chance to build relationship. Maybe earn fan. That good enough.

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The Obligation Rests on Marketers to Set the Right Expectations with Our Teams & Clients

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You Made Content Without a Community #2

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Does Content Spread Simply Because It’s Really, Really Good? If this content’s really good, it’ll just spread “virally,” right guys?

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OK, Probably Not Ha! That’s a good one, Rand!

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In My Experience, Content Spreads Because It Inspires a Community

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It Reinforces a Belief

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Refutes an Opposing Argument

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Starts (or Renews) a Passionate Discussion

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Is in Someone’s Financial/Promotional Interests

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Leverages Group Inclusion Dynamics

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Makes the Sharer Look Smart/Important/Worldly/Etc

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“Good Enough” Content Often Performs Well when a Community Is Behind It

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Only the Best 0.1% of Content Can Go “Viral” without a Pre-existing Community

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Don’t Bet Your Marketing on Being the 1 in 1,000

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Before you create content, ask the question: “Who will support & amplify this content and why?”

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You Invested in Content Creation, But Not in its Amplification #3

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Content Must Reach People in Order to Reach Its Potential

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Channels for Reaching the Right People Depend on Your Audience

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Most Amplification Methods Fall Into These Three Buckets: Broadcast 1:1 Paid Promotion

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1) Broadcast (often via Social Media, Email, or through Events)

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2) 1:1 Outreach (via Social, Email, or In-Person)

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3) Paid Amplification (many varieties)

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A basic process for getting content amplification right:

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STEP 1: Find Successful Content in Your Niche http://buzzsumo.com

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STEP 2(a): Find Where It’s Being Shared http://buzzsumo.com

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STEP 2(b): Go Beyond Social Networks Google Search and https://freshwebexplorer.moz.com/

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STEP 2(c): Find Who’s Doing the Sharing http://buzzsumo.com

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STEP 2(c): Find Who’s Doing the Sharing http://www.blindfiveyearold.com/ripples-bookmarklet

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STEP 3: Copy What’s Working For Them Via http://followerwonk.com

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STEP 4: Build Relationships with Those Who Can Help http://www.slideshare.net/RickTRamos1/why-do-peopleshareonline

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Don’t Treat Amplification as “Fire & Forget.” Experiment, Learn, & Apply. Via http://bit.ly

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Think of Each Channel Like a Muscle to Be Flexed & Strengthened Regularly

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Don’t Forget to Leverage What is Still the Most Powerful Sharing Channel (according to NYT): http://www.slideshare.net/RickTRamos1/why-do-peopleshareonline

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You Ignored Content’s Most Powerful Channel: SEO #4

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Google Search Has Grown Massively ~6 Billion Searches/Day! http://www.statisticbrain.com/google-searches/

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While Search Traffic is Distributed, Social is Highly Concentrated http://www.simplereach.com/blog/facebook-continues-to-be-the-biggest-driver-of-social-traffic/

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You Might Have Seen Re/Code & Buzzfeed Claiming Google Search Traffic Was Dead http://recode.net/2014/02/02/the-year-facebook-blew-past-google/

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Here’s Define Media Group refuting that with data from 87 publishers & 48 billion pageviews http://www.definemg.com/hey-buzzfeed-search-traffic-is-doing-just-fine/

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SEO is Also Critical Because of Intent “Do things” mode “Browse” mode

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When Done Right, Content Marketing is the Rising Tide that Lifts the SEO Ships Without content marketing, it’s incredibly hard to earn the types of links that will confer domain authority & rankings in search engines.

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When Done Right, Content Marketing is the Rising Tide that Lifts the SEO Ships But as content on a site earns links, it helps every other page on that domain rank better in the search engines, lifting the tide!

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At the Very Least, Do Your Keyword Research Be aware that AdWords may not show you all the relevant keywords: http://moz.com/blog/be-careful-using-adwords-for-keyword-research

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Better Yet – Gain a Deep Understanding of How SEO & Content Work Together 4 Posts I’d Recommend: The Convergence of SEO & Content Marketing Link Building vs. Content Marketing How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy Build & Operate a Content Marketing Machine

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You Gave Up Way Too Soon #5

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The 0.1% Always Look Like Overnight Successes

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In Reality, It Looks More Like This: Geraldine’s Travel Blog: http://everywhereist.com

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Geraldine started her blog in 2009 In Reality, It Looks More Like This:

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For 2 years, she never broke 100 visits/day. In Reality, It Looks More Like This:

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Then she had a few posts get some attention In Reality, It Looks More Like This:

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But traffic fell back down soon after. In Reality, It Looks More Like This:

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This is where most people give up. In Reality, It Looks More Like This:

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These days, she gets 100,000+ visits each month In Reality, It Looks More Like This:

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The Price of Success is Failure after Failure after Failure * Hopefully, each of those failures provides an opportunity to learn. *

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Why Content Marketing Fails Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | rand@moz.com bit.ly/mozcontentfail