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June 2014 World PR Forum Preview

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World PR Forum preview Source: World PR Forum, Madrid, September 2014

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Trust and reputation “The value of reputation and trust has never been more recognised at board level.” Ketchum Source: Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor, May 2014

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Shift to social business “Social media has a role within every area of a modern organisation.” McKinsey Source: Finding your digital sweet spot, McKinsey, McKinsey, November 2013

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Markets are people Source: The Business of Influence by Philip Sheldrake (Wiley 2011)

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Changing media

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Mobile and tablet overtakes PC In 2013 sales of mobile device surpassed PCs. Source: Internet Trends 2014, KPCB, May 2014

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Media change: digital growth We’re firmly in the era of mobile media. Source: Only digital media sees growth in daily consumption, Statista, April 2014

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Media obsession Social media is the dominant form of media for Millennials. Source: Millennials rack up 18 hours of media use per day, Statista, March 2014

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A changing profession

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#1 Media change Source: Data never sleeps 2.0, Domo, April 2014

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The fragmentation of media and shift to social forms of media is the narrative of the last decade. We’re shifting from broadcast as a means of communication with an audience to two-way communication.

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#2 Radical transparency Source: Secret US embassy cables, Wikileaks, August 2011

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Command and control is an illusion. The fragmentation of traditional media and the rise of social media has brought reputational management into sharp focus like never before. Brands are running scared because those connections are multiplying beyond their control and audiences have started to answer back.

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#3 Data insights Source: Twitter search

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#3 Data insights Source: Google data

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#3 Data insights Source: Traackr data

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We have access, unlike ever before, to data to understand audiences and listen to what they think about us, our products and services, competitors and a market. The social web is a massive market research exercise that no has ever commissioned.

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Source: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends, Content Marketing Institute, November 2012 #4 Content

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Content in all its forms is the drum beat of public relations campaigns. We need to get out of our comfort zone of text and images. A modern practitioner needs to be confident in working, and ideally producing, all forms of content.

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“Organisations are obsessed with pushing brand and product messages. They want to appear cool and feel good about themselves rather than engage with their audiences.” Tom Foremski #5 Corporate media Source: Tom Foremski: Corporate media could replace traditional media, but must be audience led, Ketchum blog, May 2013

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#6 Conversation Source: Personal image

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Public relations should be rooted in a listening and a two-way dialogue. Think 20/80 or even 10/90.

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#7 PESO Source: Ketchum

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The future of the media like the future of public relations is a work in progress. If you want to maximise how many people in your community your content reaches on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, you’ll need a paid element.

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#8 Agile workflow Source: The Oreo Super Bowl blackout tweet, AdForum, 2013

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There is an inherent contradiction between this regimented approach to corporate communications and the dynamism and pace of social networks. Communicators must balance the agenda of a corporate organisation with content to drive engagement around real time events.

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Evolution of public relations

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Stages of social development Source: Ketchum

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Planning model Source: Ketchum

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The future of organisational communication

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New forms of media Source: Personal images

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Location and always on Source: Personal image

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Brands as utility Source: Personal images

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See you at the World PR Forum Source: World PR Forum, Madrid, September 2014

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