Winning case studies from Cannes Lions 2014 selected by the Society team @workofsociety

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Winning case studies from Cannes Lions 2014 selected by the Society team @workofsociety

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The V/Line Guilt Trip V/Line wanted to fill up their trains travelling against commuter traffic & during the middle of the day The audience they identified were those that travel home from the city back to their home towns to visit friends and family The Guilt Trip was created as a pre-purchased ticket that people could send to someone that felt guilty about not coming home to visit Traditional media and PR were used to launch the campaign & online films, regional media and Guilt Trip handbooks offering tips were used to involve parents Social media was used to allow users to publicly guilt friends and family into coming home to visit using the pre-purchased Guilt Trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Chiy7l7D1rk

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Newcastle “If We Made It” To hijack the conversation, Newcastle created a fully integrated campaign about the Super Bowl ad Newcastle could have made if they had the money Like any big, overhyped Super Bowl ad, Newcastle released teasers, trailers, a storyboard of the ad, focus-group reactions and behind-the-scenes videos with the stars who would have been in it On game night, Newcastle even created storyboard versions of other brands’ ads after their real ads aired, showing them how they would’ve spent their millions The campaign played out across multiple channels in the ten days before the big game beginning with a teaser video on owned social channels They released new campaign pieces each day to tell a rich, unfolding story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgbWvV6Oa4o

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Coordon Onlus Dear Future Mom Coordown is the Italian organization that champions the rights of people with Down Syndrome On the 9th of February 2014, the organization received an email from a future mom: “I’m expecting a baby with Down syndrome. I’m scared: what kind of life will my child have?” The best people qualified to reassure the mom about how promising and joyful the life of her child can be, in spite of the condition, were people with Down syndrome On World Down Syndrome Day, Coordon replied with a YouTube video. In the video, young adults with Down Syndrome respond to the mom’s fears, explaining all the ways her child will enjoy a full and fulfilling life The campaign attracted extensive global media coverage and, on the week of World Down Syndrome day, it was the world’s most shared campaign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCbByTnv08g

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Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables Each year, we throw away over 300 million tons of fruits and vegetables worldwide. Why? Mainly because of the way they look (57%) Intermarche, the 3rd largest supermarket chain in France, decided to try and change their customers’ perceptions to encourage better behavior towards the non-calibrated fruits and vegetables by showing them that though they might by ugly looking, they are as good as any others The ugly fruits and veg got their own print and film campaign, their own local poster and radio campaign, their own in-store branding, their own aisle in store, their own labeling, and their own spots on the sale receipt and the campaign was promoted on their social channels Sales grew by 10%. With over 20 print articles, 75 web articles, 3 300 tweets, 3 600 re-tweets, and mentions on national television, the campaign reached over 13 million people in France https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2nSECWq_PE

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Fuck the Poor The Pilion Trust is tiny and decreases in donations have meant their shelter for young homeless kids was about to close. They needed to raise ?50,000 to keep it open  They have a very small core of loyal supporters. But to raise this amount of money needed, they needed to speak to a much bigger audience As there was no money for traditional media they leveraged social media. With only a ?500 budget, they created a highly shareable, newsworthy film asking the world for donations. They created a database of influencers and launched the film via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook To date the film has been watched over 3.6 million times. The Pilion Trust received ?163,734 in donations, over 3 times the ?50,000 target. Year to date donations are up 1,623% and still rising. This represents a 32% ROI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBuC_0-d-9Y

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Virgin Mobile “Fair Go Bro” Virgin Mobile in Australia are out spent by their larger competition by 8 to 1 prompting them to launch the “Fair Go Bro” campaign Virgin Mobile had a strategic platform of Fairness, brought to life in it’s end-line of a “Fair Go for All” Enter Doug Pitt, Brad’s bro’. Doug had never lived his brother’s celebrity life but by making him the star of its campaign Virgin Mobile gave him his fair share of that lifestyle Over three campaign phases Doug went from being ‘just’ Brad’s brother to a celebrity in his own right With worldwide recognition of what Virgin Mobile was doing for Doug he was flown to Australia to be interviewed on tv, radio and in print…. all the while selling Virgin Mobile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoF4lsTLO98

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KIT KAT Android In 2013, Google teamed up with KITKAT to release a new version of the Android platform. Tech media and fans were expecting it to be called Key Lime Pie. So the idea was to surprise and delight consumers by creating ‘KITKAT Android’ Visual iconography was at the heart of the idea and social media provided the cultural fuel for it The name and accompanying icon were launched with just one single Tweet, and one Re-Tweet and social media did the rest Thereafter the Android iconography appeared on the KITKAT packaging, and the KITKAT iconography appeared on pages of the Android operating system To date, the campaign has had over 3.18 million YouTube views. With over 1,935 million online mentions and a staggering 4.96 billion twitter impressions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKOrkLxOBoY

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HSBC Now Following the 2008 financial crisis, public & employee confidence in banks was at an all time low. HSBC wanted to establish a new voice in banking, free from top down influence and corporate jargon They also wanted to increase engagement with employees to keep existing talent and attract more by showing the scale of career opportunities and the positive aspects and rewards of working for HSBC and improve understanding of HSBC’s role and purpose in society  The campaign used story telling by showing day-to-day working practices business activities through real unscripted and unfiltered stories celebrating employees’ everyday successes inside and outside the office The campaign resulted 95% positive mentions on Twitter, 67 948 minutes watched on YouTube, 11 568 937 impressions on LinkedIn and Twitter and 5 317 interactions on LinkedIn. 72% of employees trusted messages from senior managers versus 67% at the end of 2012 https://www.youtube.com/user/HSBCNOW

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Dept. of Economic Development & Commerce of Puerto Rico Government speeches are typically quite boring and few people ever tune in to listen to them although they deliver very important information. To deliver his message to his audience, the governor of Puerto Rico delivered his speech using a Hollywood film The Government of Puerto Rico acquired the rights to Chasing 3,000, an unreleased Hollywood film about Roberto Clemente, a baseball Hall-of-Famer, and the most influential Latin American athlete of all time. His biggest milestone was to reach 3000 hits. The Governor used the film to challenge Puerto Ricans to achieve a different kind of hit His team convinced Telemundo, one of the world’s top Hispanic networks, to donate a 2-hour primetime slot and air it in place of the speech, entirely without commercials. Instead, the audience saw business pitches of young Puerto Rican entrepreneurs. Pitches that viewers could turn into hits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLcqIQAxQ3k

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Google Night Walk Google wanted to inspire people to use more of it’s products by demonstrating the how their products can help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things beyond just the everyday The creative idea result was a one-minute documentary style film documenting one woman’s quest to document her city. The film ended with a transition that directed people to an immersive website that allowed them to explore the city of Marseille using Google’s street view integrated with Google’s other various products making the experience truly immersive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHKEvdZnJH0

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Stay Together Family Portraits Skype is no longer the disruptive dominant product it once was when viewed in the context of the overabundance of new communication choices that are now available Skype’s strength is when physical distance from those you care about most creates an emotional need that can only be met by hearing and seeing the other person. The "impossible" portraits were the visual device used to pull people into the stories. They were created by projecting a Skype video call to scale, so family members and friends from across the world could stand shoulder to shoulder for a family portrait The campaign was shared across the web, with a landing experience that featured docu-style films, shorter vignettes, banners, social, and blogger and custom integrations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHm9syqnFDI

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Levi’s Tools In autumn 2013, Levi’s released updated icons, such as the 501®. The launch happened as part of Station to Station, a project that saw a vintage train repurposed into a moving art studio. Touring across the US, the train showcased some of today’s most innovative artists and thought leaders They decided to invent branded communications tools that would connect the worlds of analog and digital whilst exuding their own timeless style – just like Levi’s  These tools would have to inspire in their own right, and be an authentic connection point between the brand’s ambassadors, and fans around the world Levi’s Tools were born: iconic instruments of the past, deconstructed and repurposed into 21st century social devices https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMi9swYqbN4

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Melbourne Remote Control Tourist Melbourne’s not like other Australian destinations. Instead of big landmarks, it’s a city full of small, intimate experiences. These are hidden treasures in a complex, cultural and truly creative city. They’re well known by the people who live there, but not so obvious to visitors to the city.  They wanted to talk to an audience whose opinion holds influence in creative and cultural communities. To do this, they needed to reach this young, digital-savvy audience in a way that was truly innovative and showed off the cultural diversity of Melbourne – making it a must-see destination.  Enter the Remote Control Tourist: a unique, live-streamed and interactive video experience that unveiled Melbourne’s hidden treasures.  Through crowdsourcing of suggestions on Facebook and Twitter, anyone in the world could direct 2 real-life tourists in Melbourne on where to go and what to do, allowing users to ‘go before they go’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rg74NzJlGp0

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Prudential BYC Tools Page Most financial calculators are cold, complicated and designed for mathematicians. And that’s not good. Because this stuff is really important. And we need to understand it if we’re going to be able to plan for retirement Prudential created Challenge Lab Tools. A completely new way of approaching financial tools, designed with real people in mind. Instead of simply showing charts, graphs and calculations, Challenge Lab Tools help people understand the impact of their daily choices, and teach them how their behaviors and perceptions can get in the way of their financial security The tools have earned over 3,600 Likes on Facebook. They’ve been shared and retweeted over 500 times and have fostered a genuine conversation, with more than 2,450 comments Most importantly, Challenge Lab Tools motivated 4,000+ people to use the find a financial advisor tool and actually start making plans for their retirements http://awardentries.info/byctools/

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Burger King The Last Comment Burger King is coming back to France after 15 years. A discreet comeback generating lots of rumors among the consumers but also within the press and the media, to the point that openings of restaurants became their only preoccupation.  So how to create engagement on a Facebook page with a small fan base when Facebook’s new algorithm disadvantages publications with no media support? By giving the fans what they want the most: a chance to make Burger King open a restaurant in their cities just by commenting on a Facebook post. But in order to win, your comment has to be the last one The campaign resulted in 1 300 comments (still counting) in only 24 hours, over 65 000 people reached with a 4 500 fan base and no media support https://www.facebook.com/burgerkingfranceofficiel/posts/272532016240779

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What does this mean? Social media and online presence was a core component of creative ideas on these winning campaigns, as opposed to merely using the channel as a way of amplifying the above the line creative execution. The variety of different industries represented ranging from banks to FMCG companies to NGO’s and government departments, proves that with the correct consumer insights and well integrated creative idea, social media can deliver great results for most product or service categories Together with the integrated approach with above the line executions, strategic leveraging of key relationships through PR played a key role in the success of many of the winning campaigns Another common feature of many winning campaigns is that the action took place in the real-world and was then documented or interacted with online

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