Uber’s Extraordinary Growth Engine

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Uber’s Extraordinary Growth Engine By Sean Ellis, Morgan Brown

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Uber Disrupting Local Transportation GrowthHackers.com Entrenched taxi services panicking 70+ cities around the world $1.5B expansion war chest

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Needed to Connect the Dots Frustrated Passengers Empty Town Cars GrowthHackers.com

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1st Launched in San Francisco GrowthHackers.com Tech early adopters SF spotty cab service Event sponsorship Strong word of mouth

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Launch Controversy Brings Attention GrowthHackers.com

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Repeatable Uber Growth Engine GrowthHackers.com

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1. City by City Rollout Formula Tailor unique approach to each city GrowthHackers.com

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2. Free Rides for Referrals Double sided referral program GrowthHackers.com

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3. Wow! Experience Car arrives, payment automatic GrowthHackers.com

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4. Impress Your Friends Spread the Word experientially GrowthHackers.com

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Accelerate with Opportunistic Events Nightlife Holidays Weather Sports GrowthHackers.com

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Read the Full Case Study Startup Growth Engines: Case Studies of How Today’s Most Successful Startups Unlock Extraordinary Growth GrowthHackers.com