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© Total Communications System Inc. 2014 5 THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT PR IN AUSTRALIA

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A SHORT PRESENTATION FOR: - Foreign companies doing PR in Australia; and - PR pros working with Australia-bound clients

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“Ethical” is “Transparent”

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Australia has a formula for building, maintaining a reputation …

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“Ethical” = “Transparent”

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Stakeholders expect companies to be 100% transparent.

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Not just reporting biz results, but green and social performances, too.

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“Social License to Operate”

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“Social License” = level of acceptance or approval continually granted to an organization by stakeholders.

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SL varies between stakeholders and across time and has 4 levels: 1. Withdrawal 3. Approval 2. Acceptance 4. Psychological identification

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Failure occurs when a company sees SL as merely permission to perform a series of tasks or transactions.

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So never forget: Companies must continuously earn their Social License.

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G'day, Mate – The Aussie Way

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Australians are straightforward – they build relationships quickly and are receptive to new ideas.

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Australians appreciate modesty, so don’t oversell your company/services.

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Australians abhor aggressive sales techniques, so don’t be pushy.

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Be factual, friendly and to the point.

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Australians are self-deprecating, but never play along with self-criticism. You’re quite the knucklehead! Grr … Say what?

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Work “With” the Media

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Media relationships are still key but engagement is now targeted and tailored. So when pitching …

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Have a powerful narrative relevant to the media’s audience …

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Promote immediate engagement with pictures/videos …

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And have local spokespeople available for commentary.

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Cold calls are okay – but you’d better have your story straight.

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Finally, exclusives are condoned.

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Thick Skin Helps

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If you’re challenged to a contentious discussion in a meeting, don’t take it personally …

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Aussies like debates and provocative statements, so respond with humor.

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