Seven Technology Trends Changing Consumer Behavior

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exacttarget.com/blog kylelacy.com @kyleplacy

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What’s Next? @kyleplacy

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What’s Next? @kyleplacy

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What’s Now? @kyleplacy

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Data Equals Relevance one. @kyleplacy

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Ginni Rometty CEO, IBM What you will see with rapid data and social sharing is the death of the average and the era of you. Businesses will be able to truly serve the individual. @kyleplacy

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1. Empathy 2. Perspective Taking Two types of marketing & creative: @kyleplacy

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Empathy Understanding someone’s emotional state or feelings @kyleplacy

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They were really good at empathy. @kyleplacy

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Perspective Taking Cognitive & analytical – it’s understanding someone’s interests and behavior. @kyleplacy

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Moments Matter two. @kyleplacy

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Consumer Mobility three. @kyleplacy

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@kyleplacy Mobile Penetration (Total Population)

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Smartphone massive growth potential with only 30% of total market. Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Report @kyleplacy

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Out of the 74% of Japanese consumers intending to upgrade their phone… Japan Consumer Insights Report 2014, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud @kyleplacy

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99.5% will be upgrading to a smartphone. 2014 Japan Consumer Insights Report, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud @kyleplacy

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@kyleplacy Activities used on Smartphone (last 7 days)

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Content is Mobile @kyleplacy

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91% of consumers indicated that access to content across all devices was important. 2014 Mobile Behavior Report, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud @kyleplacy

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26 million US consumers will book travel via a smartphone this year. European Travel Commission @kyleplacy

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Location four. @kyleplacy #ETFOM

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@kyleplacy #ETFOM

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83% of US Consumers research products while in-store on their mobile phone. Google’s Our Mobile Planet Report @kyleplacy

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Personalization of Brand five. @kyleplacy

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Predictive Intelligence @kyleplacy

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41% of consumers buy more from brands who send personalized emails based on past buying behaviors. Return Path @kyleplacy

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12-25% increase in sales if the transactional message includes personalized product recommendations. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud @kyleplacy

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Collaborative Economy six. @kyleplacy

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The New Collaborative Economy Customer Score Customer Ratings Provider Quality New Loyalty Data A New Perspective

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Connected Products seven. @kyleplacy

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Sensor use is rising rapidly at +34% Y/Y growth. Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Report @kyleplacy

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8 Billion units were shipped in 2013. Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Report @kyleplacy

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Data equals Relevance

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Data beats Opinions

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We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions. David Walmsley Head of Multichannel Marks & Spencer @kyleplacy

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