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MARKETING WITHOUT METRICS *80% of CEOs don’t trust marketers. Marketer need to be adept in collecting and identifying the metrics that matter. Engagement metrics Business metrics *Source: Fournaise Group

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Engagement metrics can be valuable indicators in social and content marketing, telling you how well your content is resonating with your audience. ENGAGEMENT METRICS Time on site Pages per visit Social shares Bounce rate Search rankings

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Understanding your business metrics will help you figure out and boost your marketing ROI. BUSINESS METRICS CTA / Form conversion rate Visitor to lead conversion Lead to customer conversion Cost per lead / customer Customer retention (churn)

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2. MARKETING IN A SILO If you don’t talk to your customers and your internal teams (sales, customer service and product) you’re missing out! Get insights from everyone so you can pack a bigger marketing punch.

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QUESTIONS FOR SALES What are the main objections you hear? What is the biggest pain point for our customers? What is the top non-product related question you get?

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QUESTIONS FOR CUSTOMERS Exit surveys: why didn’t they buy? New customer surveys: what do they love? Are you a “must-have”? Would they recommend you? (NPS)

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3. NO AUDIENCE SEGMENTATION Not segmenting your audience is like sending your grandmother and your husband the exact same birthday card!

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WHY SEGMENT? Increase conversion rates Create a better experience Increase customer retention Increase revenue!

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HOW TO SEGMENT Behavioral: what actions have they taken? Demographic: who are they, what’s their situation?

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4. NO EXPERIMENTATION PROCESS There is ALWAYS room for improvement! Foster a culture of testing and experimentation. It’s okay to fail in order to find a big win.

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TEST TEST TEST! Try new messaging A/B tests (landing pages, emails etc.) Multivariate testing (landing pages) Channel testing (social, paid etc.) So much more!

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WHEN THE RESULTS ARE IN Kill the experiment – if it’s not working Optimize for a while longer – if it might work Scale it – if it’s working really well

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Example: Monetate’s marketing team tested a traditional landing pages against an Uberflip overlay CTA and saw a 250% increase in conversion. All marketers need a process for testing and experimentation.

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5. SPRAY & PRAY MARKETING Definition: “Spraying” large groups of potential customers with your message without targeting the right message to the right person at the right time. Experimentation > discover effective new channels Spray & pray > waste time, money and resources

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6. “SELLING” NOT “NURTURING” Most prevalent in content and email marketing Avoid low-value content or rushing straight to “the pitch” Nurture leads at every stage of the buyer journey

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7. “SET IT AND FORGET IT” ABO – Always be Optimizing It’s easy to set up a PPC or email nurture campaign and just let it run. Set up a process for evaluation and iteration.

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WHAT TO OPTIMIZE How is it performing? Will optimizing have a business impact? Website funnel Email campaigns Email subject lines And more…

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