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be Grouchy!!! but…

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Do you get grouchy? Do you snap at people?

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Hey listen, it’s OK to answer yes

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It is completely fine. Everyone gets grouchy. It’s natural. It is probably a biological & psychological necessity

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So, go ahead. Be grouchy if you need to be.

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don’t be naive. Know that your grouchiness has implications

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When you’re grouchy, you emanate negative energy - with words, body language, pheromones, facial expressions

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If you’re lucky, this negative energy dissipates because those exposed have mechanisms to disperse it

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Other times, the grouchiness is shared less destructively – like a bitch fest about a common co-worker

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however, most of the time, your negative energy has victims - employees, coworkers, family members, friends, strangers, or even small animals.

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Sometimes your grouchiness actually hurts the people around you

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Other times it infects them with their own grouchiness

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It has happened to you. So you know what I’m talking about

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So here’s my advice

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When you are grouchy, be grouchy. I’m not telling you to, “stop being grouchy.” That’s not possible.

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Accept that you have responsibilities

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First, you have the responsibility to recognize that you are grouchy

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once you recognize that you’re in a foul mood, you have the responsibility to try to stay away from others, or at least dissipate the grouchy energy on something inanimate

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Finally, when you can’t protect others, you have the responsibility to apologise once you regain composure

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Apologise whether or not they were hurt, because people may not tell you & because being grouchy is bad manners

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Better yet, if you are grouchy and you know it, acknowledge it. “I’m just so grouchy today! Sorry in advance”. That, in itself, may help.

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Be Grouchy, But…

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