Oscar De La Renta

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Oscar De La Renta

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Is it possible for one designer to have a continuous zeitgeist over multiple decades while maintaining a signature style?

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“It’s virtually impossible not to get swept up in Oscar de la Renta’s confident vision of the luxurious life. The designer played to all of his strengths for spring, showing more of the pretty dresses, chic suits, and slim coats that have made him a touchstone of relaxed, modern elegance.” -

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“My great strength is knowing who I am and where I came from- my island.” -Oscar de la Renta Cristobal Balenciaga -Mentor, favorite designer, biggest influence

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What do you think of Oscar de la Renta being considered the first American to be made creative director of a French couture house, when he was born in the Dominican Republic and didn’t come to the U.S. until age 31?

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Latin flair

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“Charming is applicable to him and his clothes…his things have a chic-a-boom and bounce, they have the sun in them.” –John Fairchild

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1960’s Youthquake

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1960’s Jackie Kennedy

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“Everything Oscar does is feminine, romantic, and appropriate.” -Anna Wintour

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1970’s Microsoft

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“His clothes give you such a wonderful feeling. The first time I put on one of his dresses, I felt like a fairy. His evening things make you feel like you’re walking on air.” -Brooke de Ocampo

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If staying power is the hardest part of being a fashion designer, why do you think Oscar de la Renta has been able to stay relevant for the last 50 years?

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