Nathan Young's 108 Item Bucket List

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So, what is on your bucket list?

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Why Have A Bucket List? What do you want out of life? Why? This is your purpose. Creating a bucket list brings direction, focus, and purpose to your life. You don’t want to waste time waiting to experience life. A bucket list inspires you and gets you to believe. Surely, there is someplace or something you are really wanting to do. And you know what, you need to do it in your lifetime! You need to chart your own course in life. As you write down your goals, your desired accomplishments, and the experiences you want to have in your life, you will have a clear path to follow. There will always be things competing for your time and energy. Having a bucket list will give you the direction you need to stay on course. When distractions come, you will be able to easily filter them out and keep moving forward. Use the items on your bucket list to keep yourself focused. 

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Everyone should have a bucket list!

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My Number One Bucket List Item? 1000+ job applications, 14 job fairs, and being unemployed for three years now sucks, someone hire me!

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So, what is on my 108 item Bucket List?

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1 Chase a tornado Substitute teacher for a day 2

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3 Attend a Super Bowl Appear on a game show 4

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5 Voice a cartoon character Host/start a charity event 6

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7 Drive a train Visit all 50 states/capitals 8

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9 Swim with dolphins Go white water rafting 10

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11 Visit 6 out of 7 continents Ride in a hot air balloon 12

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13 Go to a very haunted place Attend a World Cup event 14

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15 Throw a first pitch at a baseball game Visit every providence in Canada 16

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17 Learn a second language Learn a musical instrument 18

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19 Play in a rock band Learn to roller/ice skate 20

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21 Learn to surf Appear in a movie 22

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23 Do a African safari Ride the Trans Siberian Express 24

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25 Visit Orlando and its theme parks Ride a zip line 26

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27 Learn to glass blow See the northern lights 28

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29 Be 100% vegetarian for a week Go dog sledding 30

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31 Go bungee jumping Do a standup comedy routine 32

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33 Ride the top roller coasters in USA Ride a camel, horse, elephant, ostrich 34

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35 Learn to juggle See 5 of the top 10 wonders of the world 36

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37 Attend an entire World Series Break a Guinness world record 38

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39 Meet the president of the USA Learn a few dance styles 40

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41 Fly an airplane Watch the ball drop at Times Square 42

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43 Attend the Tour De France Design/build my own intersection 44

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45 Volunteer / make a difference in a person’s life Run a marathon 46

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47 Create my own signature drink Speak at a TEDx Event 48

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49 Learn to ski/snowboard Coach a team for a day 50

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51 Walk on an iceberg Experience zero gravity 52

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53 Attend the Summer/Winter Olympics Go hang glide 54

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55 Rock climb, then rappel down Cook a meal for a famous chef 56

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57 Fill in for a radio host for a day Publish a story or photo in a famous magazine 58

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59 Be a grand marshal of a major parade Start and run a small business 60

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61 Appear live on a TV news network Write a song 62

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63 Learn to sign language Float in the dead sea 64

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65 Go on a mission trip and help people Drive the Autobahn 66

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67 Dive in the Great Barrier Reef Be a mayor for a day 68

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69 Visit Victoria Falls Play a game of golf 70

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71 Go skydiving Swim in all 5 Great Lakes 72

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73 Do a polar bear swim Breathe fire in Hawaii 74

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75 Visit Italy and take along a date Walk the great wall of china 76

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77 Photograph an endangered series Live on a farm/ranch for a short time 78

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79 Do a 100+ mile bike ride for charity Attend the Burning Man Festival 80

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81 Go to and be in a rainforest Walk on an active volcano 82

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83 Drive a race car Ring the opening/closing bell on Wall St. 84

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85 Give blood Dive in the ocean with sharks 86

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87 Attend a college football game on the sidelines Drive all of U.S. Route 66 88

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89 Attend and host a Comic-Con panel Learn to water ski 90

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91 Visit Israel and Jerusalem Spend some time, Yellowstone backwoods 92

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93 Ride a mechanical bull Watch a play on Broadway 94

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95 Attend entire NBA Finals / Stanley Cup Playoffs Write an autobiography or book 96

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97 Try all the varieties of pizza Be a police officer for a day 98

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99 Do a dirty job for a day Try a game of curling 100

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101 Attend Summer/Winter X-Games Attend a taping of Saturday Night Live 102

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103 Ride a motorcycle Create my own signature dish 104

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105 Go backstage at a big concert Raise/geekout my family 106

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107 Start/run popular podcast Make Geek Alabama/top blog 108

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Don’t let life pass you by. Before you know it, you will be too old and planning your afterlife.! In Closing

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