Your Bucket List

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Your Bucket List What you should definitely add to your bucket list and how to do it

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1. Go Sky diving

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2. Go Rocky Mountain climbing

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3. Go sixty seconds on a mechanical bull

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4. Sing the Canadian national anthem from the top of Toronto’s CN Tower

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5. Watch a Chicago White Sox game from the rooftop of a tower overlooking Wrigley Field

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6. See the swallows return to Capistrono California

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7. Attend a Super Bowl

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8. Ride a float at The Rose Bowl Parade

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9. Have an official portrait painted For the rest of the 36 bucket list ideas check out: Live Like You Are Dying: 36 Things To Do Before You Die

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Useful tips in creating your own bucket list

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7 Steps to Create Your Bucket List Step 1: Create a List Categories Step 2: Make a List Step 3: List the Important Things You Have Accomplished Step 4: Analyze and Incubate Step 5: Reorganize Step 6: Set Goals that Match Your Intent Step 7: Action! For more details: http://www.priotime.com/7-steps-to-create-your-bucket-list/

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Even more resources… Ultimate Adventure Ideas for Your Bucket List: Useful Resources to Create Your Bucket List: How to Create Your Personal Bucket List in 8 Steps: http://www.priotime.com/ultimate-adventure-ideas-for-your-bucket-list/ http://www.priotime.com/useful-resources-to-create-your-bucket-list/ http://www.priotime.com/how-to-create-your-personal-bucket-list-in-8-steps/

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