BACK TO REALITY Back from your holiday and the rat race starts again: HELP!!

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BACK TO REALITY Back from your holiday and the rat race starts again: HELP!!

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While you’re unpacking …

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… let’s figure out what you’re going to be up to this period

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Which of the 8 ‘Life Areas’ will you be focusing on during the next couple of months?

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Need a little help defining your life priorities?

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According to more than one study, we need to have approximately seven hours of ‘free’ or leisure time a day to achieve the perfect work/life balance.  #1 Sleep more Want to know how to get those 7 hours of sleep? Read more here…

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#2 Find new family activities Here are a couple of ideas

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Use Social Media Pick Up the Phone Write a Letter #3 Reconnect with old friends Want to learn more about how to reconnect with dear old friends?

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#4 Feng Shui your home Here are some tips to get you started

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Try these 3 simple steps and see how much better you feel: 1. Take on Less Work 2. Schedule Time for Yourself 3. Do Nothing #5 Relax more Here is exactly how to Achieve Stress Relief without Medication

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Here are some specific ways that reading habitually can lead you toward personal growth: Vocabulary and Communication Skills Building Empathy Increasing Memory and Brainpower Providing New Perspectives Fighting Anxiety #6 Read more Read more here…

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#7 Bike more often Don’t forget to check out these 5 Essential Safety Tips here first

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What you could do: Pet sitting Bartending Freelancing #8 Earning extra money Here is how to do it: 3 Side Jobs to Make Extra Money

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Let’s recap… here are our top 5 priorities

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What are your priorities after the holidays? Check out the free PrioTime app to help achieve your goals.

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Lifehacking: Real Lifehacking Means Following Your Dreams Personal development: 4 Reasons We Allow Self-Sabotage of Personal Development Mindfulness: A Guide to Journaling for Increased Mindfulness and Fulfilling Goals More info…

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Curious about what could well be Obama’s, Leonardo di Caprio’s and Richard Branson's priorities? Share your priorities with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest

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