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7 Secrets Learn From Happy People

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Chances are, you won't like what you see, but you'll probably also be surprised you don't look as bad as you suspected. Stop worrying about how you look. The only person who really cares how you look is you, plenty of people care about the things you do. Looking good is fun. Doing good makes you happy. 1. Embrace who you really are.

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A true sense of belonging comes from giving, self-sacrifice, and effort. Remarkably happy people do the work necessary to earn a group's respect and trust--and in so doing truly become part of that group. A genuine sense of belonging provides a sense of security and well-being even when you're alone. 2. Never mistake joining for belonging.

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We can't be everything we want to be. Remarkably happy people know themselves, know what is most important to them, and set out to achieve that. Pick a primary goal. Do your best to excel. Then accept that you can have other goals, but that "good" where those goals are concerned is truly good enough. 3. Accept you can have anything but not everything.

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No one lying on their death bed says, "I just wish I had spent more time at work..." Fulfillment comes from achieving something and knowing it will outlive you: knowing you have helped others and changed their lives for the better. Work harder on things you can someday look back on with even more pride--and personal satisfaction. 4. Business success does not guarantee fulfillment.

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How many people do you feel comfortable calling in the middle of the night if you need help? Remarkably happy people take off their armor and make real friends. It's easier than it sounds, because other people are dying to make real friends, too. Don't worry; they'll like the real you. And you'll like the real them. And all of you will be much happier. 5. Have someone to call at 2 a.m.

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Structure never equals control. To-do lists and comprehensive daily schedules are helpful, but you only make real progress toward a goal when it means something personal to you. Deciding what you really want to do and giving it your all is easier. When you truly care--about anything--you're a lot happier. 6. Never mistake structure for control.

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Failure isn't defeating; failure is motivating. Failure provides a healthy dose of perspective, makes us more tolerant and patient, and makes us realize we're a lot like the people around us. When you realize you aren't so different or special after all, it's a lot easier to be happy with the people around you--and, just as important, to be happier with yourself. 7. Never stop failing.

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Pick something simple that doesn't take long. Set a reach goal you know you can't reach. Whatever you choose, give it your all. Leave no room for excuses. Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn