Be Present and Productive: The 5 Gears of Life and Work

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Be Present and Productive The 5 GEARS of LIFE and WORK RECHARGE MODE SOCIAL MODE FOCUS MODE Learn How to Recharge Being Social Matters Learn to Get ‘In the Zone’ Most people struggle to truly recharge, but successful people take time to rest so they can give their families and teams their best. Building relationships is the secret ingredient for success many people overlook. Task-centered and fully focused, when you’re in the zone productivity is swift. CONNECT MODE TASK MODE RESPONSIVE MODE Connect Deeply Leading in a Task World Learn to apologize Being present with family and friends, without the involvement of work, is key to connecting. Between phone calls, emails, chores and more, managing this multi-tasking gear is key for maximum productivity. Reverse is all about owning your mistakes and moving forward in a healthy way. Bring a new level of relational intelligence to your life. Be present, productive, and connect with others. It’s a competitive advantage in a very task-driven world. http://bit.ly/Wiley5Gears

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