5 Habits for Working from Home Around Kids

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5 Habits for Working from Home Around Kids @HabitsGuy

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The days of commuting to work are numbered and the days of working from home are on the rise.

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But children have a hard time understanding that you are working from home.

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All they see is a parent at home, who’s job is to feed, change, play, clean up after, and take care of them.

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So what do you do? How do you reclaim your work hours while staying in the comfort of your home?

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Get Up Early Get up as early as you possibly can, especially before your children wake up.

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That quiet time, without children, will become your most effective time of the day.

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Having that peace while working will help you focus your creativity into your work and finish up harder tasks.

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Use Interruptions as Breaks No matter how well behaved your children are and how hard your spouse works, you will be interrupted.

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Instead of ignoring the interruption or treating it like a distraction from your work, treat it like a mental break.

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Just remember to keep track of your breaks and return to work after a good amount, like 10-15 minutes.

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Act Like You’re Going to Work An effective morning routine helps your brain set up for the work day and gives you time to warm up.

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Get up, take a shower, dress professionally, and grab some breakfast and coffee.

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That way, you body and mind are expecting a normal work day instead of a lazy weekend in your pajamas.

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Take Advantage of Online Tools One of the biggest downsides to working from home is not being able to collaborate with peers.

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Luckily, we live in a day of technology filled with ways to fix this problem.

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• Be part of the conversation with chat programs and collaboration tools. • Run digital meetings from your computer. • Work together on projects in real time.

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Create a “Traffic Light” System Hang a sign over your work space that indicates your availability, with different signals representing expected behavior.

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This helps communicate your needs with your children without actually needing to talk with them and risk being drawn into longer interruptions.

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Separate Work from Home Set a firm time to end your work day, power down the computer and rejoin your family.

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Want to stop procrastinating while working at home?

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