10 Best Books to Inspire Creative Teams

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Inspiration doesn’t come on demand. Wrike.com**Where*Work*Gets*Done.**

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Luckily, these 10 books on creativity are full of strategies and habits to keep the new ideas coming, whether you’re a one-person show or part of a fast-paced creative team. Read on for the best reads to boost your creativity >>> ! Wrike.com**Where*Work*Gets*Done.**

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1. Zig Zag Keith Sawyer Creativity isn’t linear or predictable; it zigs and zags all over the place. But that doesn’t mean the ability can’t be learned or improved. Discover 8 scientificallysupported steps, 30 practices, 100 techniques, and a bunch of new habits for increasing your creative potential. Wrike.com**Where*Work*Gets*Done.**

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2. The Accidental Creative Todd Henry Burnout and blockages are the bane of the creative professional’s existence, so pick up this book for tips on structuring your daily routines to support a sustainable creative rhythm and keep the ideas flowing. Wrike.com**Where*Work*Gets*Done.**

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3. Thinkertoys Michael Michalko How do you define creativity? In this expanded 2nd edition of Michalko’s bestseller, you’ll find hundreds of strategies, techniques, and puzzles to help you see the world with a fresh perspective. Wrike.com**Where*Work*Gets*Done.**

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4. The Innovative Team Chris Grivas Gerard Puccio Teams excel when everyone’s in their ideal role and their talents can shine. Find the best fit for you and each of your teammates to take your results to the next level and create opportunities for innovation. Wrike.com**Where*Work*Gets*Done.**

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5. Yes, And Kelly Leonard Yorton Tom Find tips from famous improv comedy group The Second City to help your team quickly build off one another’s ideas, embrace unconventional thinking, and use common work challenges to fuel better performance. Wrike.com**Where*Work*Gets*Done.**

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6. Gamestorming Dave Gray, Sunni Brown James Macanufo A sense of play is a huge asset for brainstorming. The 80 games in this book will help you and your team find new perspectives, improve communication, and make even routine meetings more productive. Wrike.com**Where*Work*Gets*Done.**

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7. Creativity, Inc. Ed Catmull Success doesn’t come from a brilliant idea; it comes from a great team. From the president and co-founder of Pixar, this book will help you bring out the creative potential in your team and inspire a culture of constant innovation. Wrike.com**Where*Work*Gets*Done.**

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8. Making Ideas Happen Scott Belsky A genius idea is worthless without the ability to execute and make it a reality. This practical guide helps daydreamers and visionaries create an action plan to bring their ideas to life and make them profitable. Wrike.com**Where*Work*Gets*Done.**

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9. Contagious Jonah Berger What makes things go viral? Although it may seem like pure luck, it’s not just chance. This book applies social science to analyze successful viral campaigns and identify six essential elements of “contagious” content. Wrike.com**Where*Work*Gets*Done.**

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10. Fascinate Sally Hogshead Award-winning copywriter Sally Hogshead identifies 7 key triggers for enthralling your audience using psychology, sociology, neurology, and real-life success stories. Find your “F-score” and learn how to boost your fascination factor. Wrike.com**Where*Work*Gets*Done.**

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That’s not all! Discover more book recommendations for creatives on the Wrike blog: Click here Wrike.com**Where*Work*Gets*Done.*

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