9 Classic Books That Will Change Your Life And Career

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9 Classic Books That Will Change Your Life And Career “Crea&vity,  innova&on,  leadership,   entrepreneurship  —  they  all  begin  within   us;  each  is  very  much  a  human  process.” by  Faisal Hoque founder  of:

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“If we understand the mental and emotional drivers of innovation and creativity, we can be more innovative and creative.”

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"Sit  in  a  room  and  read  —  and   read  and  read.  And  read  the   right  books  by  the  right   people.  Your  mind  is  brought   onto  that  level,  and  you  have  a   nice,  mild,  slow-­‐burning   rapture  all  the  ?me."   — Joseph Campbell

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"Thoughts  of  doubt  and  fear  never   accomplish  anything,  and  never  can.   They  always  lead  to  failure.   Purpose,  energy,  power  to  do,  and   all  strong  thoughts  cease  when   doubt  and  fear  creep  in.  Self-­‐control   is  strength.  Right  thought  is   mastery.  Calmness  is  power."   — James Allen

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"Imagina?on,  broadly  defined,   seems  to  me  to  be  a  principle  in   human  life  underlying  even   reason,  for  the  ra?onal  func?ons,   according  to  our  defini?ons,  can   lead  to  understanding  —  can   par?cipate  in  the  cons?tu?ng  of   reality  —  only  as  they  are   crea?ve."   — Rollo May

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"The  fundamental  impulse  that  sets   and  keeps  the  capitalist  engine  in   mo?on  comes  from  the  new   consumers,  goods,  the  new  methods   of  produc?on  or  transporta?on,  the   new  markets,  the  new  forms  of   industrial  organiza?on  that   capitalist  enterprise  creates.  This   process  of  Crea?ve  Destruc?on  is   the  essen?al  fact  about  capitalism.” — Joseph Schumpeter  

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"All  managerial  decisions  and   ac?ons  rest  on  assump?ons   about  behavior...We  can   improve  our  ability  to  control   only  if  we  recognize  that   control  consists  in  selec?ve   adapta?on  to  human  nature   rather  than  in  aLemp?ng  to   make  human  nature  conform   to  our  wishes.” — Douglas McGregor

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"One  can  choose  to  go  back   toward  safety  or  forward   toward  growth.  Growth  must   be  chosen  again  and  again;   fear  must  be  overcome  again   and  again.” — Abraham Maslow

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"At  a  crisis  in  my  youth  he   taught  me  the  wisdom  of   choice:  To  try  and  fail  is  at   least  to  learn;  to  fail  to  try  is  to   suffer  the  ines?mable  loss  of   what  might  have  been."   — Chester Barnard

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"We  can  look  upon  a  road  from   two  different  points  of  view.   One  regards  it  as  dividing  us   from  the  object  of  our  desire.   The  other  sees  it  as  the  road   which  leads  us  to  our   des?na?on,  and  as  such,  it  is   part  of  our  goal.”   — Rabindranath Tagore

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"We  are  fragmented  into  so   many  different  aspects.  We   don't  know  who  we  really  are,   or  what  aspects  of  ourselves  we   should  iden?fy  with  or  believe   in.  So  many  contradictory   voices,  dictates,  and  feelings   fight  for  control  over  our  inner   lives  that  we  find  ourselves   scaLered  everywhere,  in  all   direc?ons,  leaving  nobody  at   home.” — Sogyal Rinpoche

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