How to Cut Emotional Spending

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How to Cut Emotional Spending @habitsguy

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“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.” - Tyler Durden

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Emotional spending is when you buy something you don’t need and want but eventually you buy it under the pressure of emotions like unhappiness, boredom, and underappreciation.

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While it is not realistic to completely cut emotional spending, here are some tips that will help you considerably decrease it.

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Decrease your exposure to advertisement 1

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Decrease your exposure to advertisement 1 The best way to avoid emotional buying is to be less aware of what’s available.

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Online Use an adblock software and unsubscribe from the products catalogs that are flooding your email with new products and offers.

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Offline When you are recording a show it is really easy to skip advertising. When you are listening to radio better switch to a public station or listen to a CD or mp3 you have recorder.

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Don’t make impulse buys 2

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Don’t make impulse buys 2 When you find yourself ready to buy something that you wasn’t planning to buy before, just don’t buy it.

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24-hour rule Make a rule that every time you find yourself in this situation, you will get 24 hours to think if you really need what you are about to buy.

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1-week rule Now if after 24 hours you are still thinking about it but you know that you can’t really afford it, just wait for a week.

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Be accountable 3

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Be accountable 3 Reach out your friends and family and tell them to give you a hard time when they see you buying stuff you really don’t need.

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Remind yourself Make a list with your financial priorities and post it in a visible place where you can see it every day, like your refrigerator.

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Remind yourself If you want to take this a step further, write these priorities to a post it and put it on your credit card so you can see them every time you are about to buy something unnecessary.

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Find other activities 4

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Find other activities 4 Identify your feelings when you have an urge to go shopping and try to find an alternative activity that will help you deal with these emotions.

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Exercise If you are going shopping when you feel stressed, try some exercising to blow some steam.

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Socialize If you do it as an entertainment try meeting up with some friends and socialize.

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Based on an article written by: Benjamin Warren, owner and webmaster of MightyAdvice.com.

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