A fine line: balancing motherhood and career

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A fine line: balancing motherhood and career Jade Groen, Neetu Jain, Katie Lewis, Carolyn Rowland, Lilit Yenokyan October 2015 #GHC15 2015

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A fine line Life is a series of states Parenting Career

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Generational Our parents had different challenges More women in the workforce today Men have parenting challenges too

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Let’s Play! Learn by doing Balance obligations on both sides CC BY 2.0 https://www.flickr.com/photos/emeryjl/2126342976/

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Rules Choose a scribe Document observations to share later The person with the envelopes is the manager Assign roles to the rest of your team Take turns choosing scenarios Assign based on the letters (person B gets situations that apply to person B). The whole team: Discuss, resolve, debate Manager moves the discussion along by choosing another scenario

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Pencils down How did this exercise make you feel? What observations did your team make? What are your takeaways?

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Printing the game Use the following slides to print your own version of the game to play at work

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Instructions Printing: Print game page 1 on cardstock. Cut apart into role cards. Place in “roles” envelope. Print scenario game pages two-sided flip on long edge. Cut apart and fold in half. Place in “scenarios” envelope. Tips for playing: Caution your audience not to play nice. It’s easy to be nice but that’s not reality. This team has a job to do. Rotate roles part-way through game play so one person isn’t stuck with the manager role. Leave time for discussion at the end.

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Discussion questions If you have kids, what are your challenges? If no kids, do you feel this is fair? Do you feel singled out? Pass this to someone else on the team who has a different parenting status from you. How is their situation different? You are moved to a position that requires you to be in an on-call rotation every three week for one week at a time. Discussion questions How can you address this with your teammates? Should your manager weigh in? How could you make this work better? Does this undermine your participation on the team because you aren’t in these conversations? The other members of your project go out after work to socialize and to talk about the project. You have planned medical leave coming up soon, you will be out for approximately 12 weeks. You have to leave at 2:30 every MWF to pick up one of your children from school Discussion questions How will your team react to your absence? How will you integrate back into work? How does your manager work around your absence? What will your job look like when you come back? Does anything change if this is maternity leave vs other medical leave? Discussion questions How do you get your work done? Can you come in early? How does that impact your team? How does this impact your co-workers? Could you do your job remotely and how would that impact your projects?

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Anyone Anyone

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Discussion questions How will you manage this unplanned leave with an unclear timeline? Could you stay involved? How will your team react to your absence? How does your manager work around your absence? You have aging parents and must take some time off to deal with a medical issue. You are close to a big deployment. Discussion questions How can you juggle these priorities? Can you delegate the work or negotiate a new deadline? Is this a recurring issue? You have to pick up your sick child from school and stay home with him tomorrow. You owe a deliverable to your manager the next day. Your child missed the bus. You have a big meeting right now You unexpectedly have to have surgery and will require several weeks at home for recovery. Discussion questions Can your spouse help with your child or is s/he already at work? Can the meeting be rescheduled? What if you cannot reach anyone at work to tell them about the situation? Does your absence impact your standing or influence on the project? Discussion questions How do you juggle your work priorities? How does your manager respond? How does your team handle your absence?

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Anyone Anyone

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Discussion questions How will this change your situation? How will your work life change? Pass this to someone else on the team with a different parenting status from you. How is the situation different for them? You just found out that you are going to have a baby. Discussion questions How will you integrate this person onto the team? What are the challenges? You are hiring a new member of the team. The top candidate is four months pregnant. You are a new mother back to work. You are planning to breastfeed and are planning to pump at work 11am and 3pm. You don’t have children. You feel like you are asked to do more because you do not have family commitments. Discussion questions How will you avoid being perceived as a clock-watcher? How will you schedule around meetings? Does your job include travel? How does that impact you? What other challenges will you have? Discussion questions How can you communicate your perception to your management? Your team?

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Anyone Everyone