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Hold the door open for someone 1.

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Surprise someone by doing a chore without them knowing you did it or without your being told   2.

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Donate books that you no longer want to your local library   3.

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Call your grandparents 4.

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Help pick up litter   5.

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Let someone go ahead of you in line   6.

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Write a thank you note 7.

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  When you get a new item of clothing, donate an old one   8.

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  Raise money or collect items for a charity in your community   9.

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Talk to someone new at school 10.

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  Mow your neighbor’s lawn or shovel snow off of your neighbor’s sidewalk or steps   11.

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  Donate non-perishable food to a food pantry   12.

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Leave pennies on the sidewalk 13.

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  Say thank you to members of the armed services for the work that they do   14.

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  Make get-well cards for kids in the hospital   15.

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Take doughnuts or other tasty treats to school to share with your class 16.

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  Put a coin in someone’s expired parking meter to pay for some more minutes   17.

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  Write to a teacher who made a difference in your life    18.

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Talk to a shy person who’s sitting by himself or herself at a party 19.

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  Put sticky notes with upbeat, happy quotes on the mirrors in restrooms   20.

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Take flowers to someone special 21.

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  Play board games with senior citizens at a nursing home   22.

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  Hold the elevator door open for someone 23.

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    Text, call or email someone just to say good morning or good night 24.

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  Give up your seat on the bus or subway to a person in need   25.

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Volunteer to walk dogs at an animal shelter 26.

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  Study with a classmate who is struggling in a subject that you understand well   27.

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  Make two lunches and give one away   28.

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Help someone to load or unload their groceries 29.

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  Smile, even when you feel like scowling   30.

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