6 Killer Ways to Make a Great Impression

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an infographic by Make your 7 seconds count 1 Dress to impress 55% of a person's opinion is determined by physical appearance alone. Consider both function AND aesthetics when deciding what to wear. 2 Carefully choose your words 7% of what we think of others is based on what they say. Have a handy list of words ready for how you want to convey yourself and what impression you’d like to leave. 3 Your tone matters 38% of a person's first impression of you is determined by your tone of voice. Listen to yourself speak by practicing. 4 Non-verbal communication speaks volumes 93% of people's judgments of others are based on nonverbal input like body language. Take note of mannerisms which you may be doing out of habit and mean nothing to you. 5 It’s all in the name 36% of potential customers are more likely to respond if you address them by their name. It’s part of boosting personal egos and addressing self-serving biases almost all of us have. 6 Listen ONLY 50% of people retain what they hear. Value others’ opinions as well, don't just talk a lot. source : businessinsider.com http://www.businessinsider.com/20-ways-to-nail-a-good-first-impression-2010-12?op=1#ixzz3QC6k0hqF an infographic by Visit us at www.24slides.com/blog @24slides @24slides

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