How to get Unstuck, Moving and Productive

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How to Get (even when you don’t think it’s possible) UNSTUCK MOVING and PRODUCTIVE

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We all get STUCK sometimes.

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We have too many choices.

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The project looks too big.

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We don’t want to make a mistake.

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Distractions get in our way.

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Or we’re simply unsure what’s the right choice.

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How about YOU?

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Are you STUCK?

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In your WORK?

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In your LIFE?

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I’ve been there (and it sucks) “The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.” —Alexander Graham Bell

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Here are 3 people who got UNSTUCK MOVING and PRODUCTIVE again

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Holy Crap cereal In 2009 Corin and Brian Mullins couldn’t find a healthy cereal for Brian’s food allergies. After some experimentation, they sold their first 10 bags of Hapi Food cereal at a farmer’s market. Today Holy Crap cereal is sold in over 2,500 stores and has been to the International Space Station.

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AirBNB Brian Chesky and his partners started AirBNB because they were stuck. No income, no business idea, just a room they could rent out with air mattresses. They took action, listened to customer feedback and continued to pivot. Today AirBNB has listing in 34,000 cities and is valued at $25B.

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Hal Elrod After barely surviving a deadly headon accident, Hal Elrod committed to defy his doctors and to not only walk again, but to prove all of us are capable of overcoming extraordinary adversity. Today Hal is a best-selling author (The Miracle Morning) and one of the highest rated keynote speakers in America.

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Here’s 10 ways YOU can get UNSTUCK MOVING and PRODUCTIVE again

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1. Get Real Think how many decisions you’ll make in your life. In a year’s time this will seen minor, so why not just do it? “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” —Churchill

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3. Get Physical Stand, stretch, go for a run, walk your dog - physical movement increases the flow in your circulatory system, releases feel-good neurotransmitters (like Dopamine, and Serotonin) and puts you in a positive mood. “Exercise is like fertilizer for the brain…it’s so good it’s like Miracle Gro.” —John Ratey, Ph.D

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3. Take a Break When you focus your attention on a task completely unrelated, your mind can return to the original task refreshed with a new perspective. "Never taking a break from thought work actually reduces your ability to be creative" —Kimberly Elsbach, Ph.D

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4. Stop Doing List What is filling your time AND holding you back? Make a list of low-value tasks and routines that eat up your time —either drop, delegate, or dump them. “The "stop doing" list became an enduring cornerstone of my annual New Year resolutions.” —Jim Collins Ph.D

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5. Change Your Environment Clear desk clutter, work from a local cafe, use paper instead of computer—sometimes a change is as good as a start. "As a species, humans have evolved to respond to novelty, once we've become accustomed to something, we may grow immune to its effects.” —Hugh Thompson, Ph.D

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6. Be Kind to Yourself It’s easy to blame yourself—don’t. You’ve been here before and you are capable. Have faith that you will get through this as well. “Practicing self-compassion provides us with the kind voice and warm embrace we need in difficult times so we courageously do the right thing.” —Forbes

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7. Let Go of The Past It’s hard to get started when your focus is on what didn’t work in the past. Take a deep breath, let it go and focus on what you want to create today, for the future. “Once we start a task, it is rarely as bad as we think.” —Tim Pychyl, Ph.D

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8. Get Advice Usually we can’t see the forest for the trees—we’re too close to the problem. Ask a good friend, hire a coach, ask on-line. And then listen. “When you ask for advice, people do not think less of you; they think you are smarter.” —Maurice Schweitzer, Ph.D

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9. Create a Deadline A little tension (like a deadline) can move mountains. Commit to making a decision (no more than two days), do it and then start moving mountains. “Deadlines allow us to clarify our thoughts and create an action plan.” — Dan Ariely, Ph.D

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10. Create Tiny Wins Frustrated about sales? Call one prospect. Want to lose weight? Start walking 20 minutes a day. Need to apologize? Write a card. Any forward motion is a Tiny Win worth celebrating. “When you feel good about what you did, your brain will change. It will want to do the behavior again in the future. That leads to making the habit stronger.” —B.J. Fogg, Ph.D

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10 ways to get UNSTUCK, MOVING and PRODUCTIVE 1. Get real - perspective can change everything—think big picture 2. Get physical - allow your body to influence your mood 3. Take a break - give your brain a break - return refreshed 4. A Stop Doing list - remove low-value tasks and open more potential 5. Change your environment - step away from clutter and distractions 6. Be kind to yourself - believe you will get through this because you will 7. Let go of the past - turn your attention to what you are creating today 8. Get advice - be the smartest in the room by asking for help 9. Create a deadline - force your decision and launch into action 10. Create Tiny Wins - any forward movement is worth celebrating

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Download my list of 13 tools to help you get unstuck, moving, and productive again. https:// hughculver.lea dpages.co/ get-focussedslideshare/ Click here

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