4 Crucial Habits for Anyone Who Wants to Lose Weight

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When it comes to getting in shape or just shedding a few extra poun ds, there is no shortage of advice you could follow.

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But are they really the best invest ment of your time and energy?

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When it comes to getting lean, t here are 4 habits that are crucial for your success.

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If you’re looking to lose weight, f ocus on these before tackling all the other weightloss advice you might come acro ss.

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1. Take a break.

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Stress is unavoidable and it also prevents you from getting the fitness results you’d like.

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If you’re serious about shedding fat, you must begin by putting your mind and body at ease.

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2. Do what you can, when you can.

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#wycwyc Make “What you can, when you c an”your new exercise motto.

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There are going to be many days when a trip to the gym seems out of reach, but that doesn’t mean t hat you have to pass on exercise a ltogether.

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3. Drink water. Yes, drink just water.

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Recent research has shown that people who drink diet drinks end up snacking more and consume 69 more calories each day than those who drink just water.

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Drinking more water means that y ou won’t be drinking other drinks.

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4. Focus on what you are eating.

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A constant focus on what you “ha ve to” avoid can quickly become e xhausting and often ends in burno ut and disappointment.

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Focus on what you are eating, not those foods you’re trying to avoid . Build a habit of including healthy f oods in each and every meal.

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Dave Smith is a professional fitness and weight-loss coach who was chosen as “Canada’s Top Fitness Professional” in 2013. You can find free workouts and more of his weightloss resources at Make Your to Body Work. Clickhis visit website!

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