10 Habits of Highly Authentic People

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10 HABITS OF HIGHLY AUTHENTIC PEOPLE “Truly  authen2c  people  lead  with  their  soul.   Along  with  fearless  passion  and  courage,   they  possess  relentless  mental  discipline.” by  Faisal Hoque founder  of:

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The word “authenticity” comes from the Greek root authentikos, meaning —  original, genuine, principal. Each one of us is born to make an authentic contribution.

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Fostering Inner Energy “To  be  authen2c  one  must  be  "awake”,  meaning   you  have  the  ability  to  understand  who  you  are,   what  you  want  to  be,  and  how  you  want  to  fit  in  the   world.”

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But  crea2ng  our  thoughts,  making  the   journey,  ignoring  the  skep2cs,  and   dus2ng  ourselves  off  every  2me  we  fall   requires  disciplining  our  inner  energy   and  drive.  OIen  that  energy  comes   from  within. Here  are  a  few  sugges2ons  to  foster   inner  energy  …

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Intend your destiny “Des2ny  results  from  "inten2on"  —  our   spiritual  will;  something  that  drives  us   to  do  what  seems  impossible.  It   nurtures  us  with  hope  in  our  darkest   moments,  enables  us  to  dream  of  beOer   days.”

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Be in the moment “Being  in  the  moment  allows  us  to   escape  from  adversity  and  conserve   our  inner  energy.”

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Develop rituals “Rituals  teach  us  to  be  disciplined,  deliberate,   and  medita2ve.  Create  rituals  for  daily  life  that   provide  a  path  to  prac2ce  mastery  with   posi2ve  energy.”

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Learning to Suffer Well “Taking  an  authen2c  journey  oIen  involves   traveling  uncharted  territories,  challenging   conven2onal  paths,  and  ignoring  the  tradi2onal   need  for  safety  and  comfort.”

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Like  any  other  skill,  learning  to  suffer  well   requires  conscious  prac2ce  and  learning. Here  are  some  fundamentals  to  consider…

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Learn from bad times “It  is  oIen  only  through  hardship  that  we   discover  our  inner  strengths  and  capabili2es.”

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Keep an eye on the bigger picture “We  can  control  ourselves:  how  we  choose  to   respond,  our  own  aTtudes,  how  we  let  go,   and  our  outlook  —  moving  forward  by   keeping  our  eyes  on  the  bigger  picture.”

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Spend time with people Who are uplifting “It's  important  to  be  reminded  of  the  people  who   believe  in  and  support  us  and  to  cul2vate  those   rela2onships.”

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Leading from the Ledge “Authen(c  people  reach  their  highest  poten(al  by   taking  risks  that  are  consistent  with  their  ethos  and   values.  ”

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They  lead  by  constantly  standing  on  an   uncomfortable  ledge. Leading  from  the  ledge  requires  that  you…

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Strive for excellence, not perfection “Authen2c  people  ar  constantly  pushing  the   envelope  and  raising  their  standards.  And  they   have  the  wisdom  to  know  the  difference   between  excellence  and  perfec2on.”

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Be flexible “Our  ability  to  effec2vely  survive,  thrive,   and  lead  comes  from  flexibly  riding  out  our   ups  and  downs.”

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Take comfort in uncertainty “An  authen2c  person  who  does  not   follow  someone  else's  footsteps.  It  is   their  comfort  with  all  the   uncertain2es  that  drives  them  to   move  forward.”

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Achieve small goals everyday “Se;ng  smaller  goals  for  ourselves   offers  us  posi(ve  reinforcement   when  we  achieve  them.”

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