7 Steps to Eliminating Information Overload: A Guide for Online Entrepreneurs

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@HabitsGuy Steps to Eliminating INFORMATION OVERLOAD

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Information is the cornerstone of any successful Internet business.

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As an entrepreneur, you’re in the information business. You need it to thrive and survive.

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The trick is to know how to synthesize information without wasting a lot of time.

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Here are seven steps to help you get started:

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Identify a Specific Skill To learn about something, you must identify what you need to learn.

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Identify the key steps where you move towards mastery of that skill.

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Here’s how to do this: 1. Write down the techniques that will improve your business. 2. Be specific with what you’d like to learn. 3. Make a list of everything you’d like to learn about a specific skill. That way, you’ll identify the key areas that need improving.

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Create an Information Gathering System Use tools that help you save time and sort information in a rapid-fire manner.

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Feed Reader Organize the feed reader. Create a few categories that are based on why you’ve added these sites.

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Web Browser Create folders in your bookmarks that directly relate to the categories in your projects folder for easy follow-up on an idea whenever you do a monthly review.

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Focus on One Concept at a Time Information is nothing without action.

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Take what you just learned and immediately apply it. Don’t try to learn everything at once.

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Identify that next skill or technique you’d like to develop and attack it!

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Focusing on a single topic is the quickest path to instant authority.

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Compile Actionable Information Include all relevant information into a specific project list.

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A. Start with your feed reader. Go through the articles you’ve bookmarked in this category.

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B. Check out different sites on the Internet: - Run a search on Google using the major keywords - Check out the PPC ads on the right - Join email lists relating to this topic - Watch content-filled YouTube videos - Listen to podcasts that discuss this topic

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C. Read a few books/magazines on this topic. There might not be a lot written about this skill. But an ‘authority book’ on this subject can dramatically increase your learning curve.

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D. Consider buying an information product on this subject. The best way to quickly learn a skill is to learn from someone who has mastered it.

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Synthesize Your Notes Trim the fat! Simply take these notes and turn all of the information into a single document.

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Eliminate redundancy and non-actionable items.

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Focus on the steps that can be immediately applied to your Internet business.

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Synthesizing information isn’t busy work. Instead it’s a great technique for internalizing what you’ve learned.

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Create an Action Plan Take what you’ve learned and create two documents.

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Reference: Annotate any supporting reference points you might need in the future, including any relevant diagrams and system processes. Action Plan: Put your notes into a series of actionable items.

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Why is this step important? It gives you a step-by-step blueprint for action. A simple process is often the most effective.

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Take Immediate Action Plans are nothing without action.

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Schedule time blocks were you’ll work on this project.

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You can put these items in your project list or make it a separate item in your weekly to-do list.

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The important thing is to follow up on what you’ve just learned.

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