How To Keep Your Kids Tech-Safe In Today's Media World

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Keeping Kids Tech-Safe Kindergarten to 5th Screen Time u Screens include televisions, computers, iPads, tablets, iPhones and SmartPhones u Create screen-free zones in the house u 1-2 hours per day of high quality content screen-time u Eliminate all screens in kid’s bedrooms u No multi-tasking (i.e. iPad while watching TV) u Check reviews and ratings on commonsensemedia.org for TV shows, apps, movies and video games u Turn on Guided Access on iPhones and iPads to lock one app at a time to limit distractions u Watch exposure to ads on TV and internet Secure Internet u Have a parent-only password for every computer u Install parental control software like opendns.com or Norton Online Family u Turn on Safe Search on Google for every computer and device u Use bookmarks for safe websites that kids like u Use web security to block inappropriate websites Online Safety u Establish rules for appropriate instant messaging and chatting online u Limit online talk to friends and family your child knows well u No private information given out online u Be a trusted adult your child can come to if something inappropriate or creepy happens online u Avoid banning them from the computer because they will be less likely to come to you again Digital Footprint and Privacy u Establish a Gatekeeper for all online forms and downloads u The internet is written in pen, not pencil. Things stay forever. u Use the Golden Rule online – Choose words carefully u Never give out full name, social security number, birthdate or address u Three rules for their digital footprint: 4 Be nice to others 4 Don’t say mean things 4 Think critically about information u Teach kids that advertising online is targeted Find a Balance explore, enjoy, communicate & create safety & protection Family Media Contract u Printable contracts by age available at commonsensemedia.org u Sign contract for each child u Rules apply at other houses as well Remember to join the fun! Watch, listen and play with your kids! © Preschoolears.com Information from Common Sense Media and American Academy of Pediatrics

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