6 Tools to Maximize Wasted Time

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We all have those moments when we’re forced to .

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Think of you’re driving in a car, standing on line, or waiting at an appointment.

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You’re not doing anything, so it’s best to use this time to your .

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You can become more by capitalizing on these wasted moments.

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Here are a few you’ll need to get started:

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Take advantage of this tool to increase your personal productivity.

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Most programs that can help you take advantage of wasted time are based on technology.

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Use Dropbox to seamlessly sync & transfer files between your computer and smartphone.

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Use this tool to current information products.

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You don’t need a special e-reader to check out Amazon eBooks.

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Install a simple app on your smartphone and everything .

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Listening to podcasts is another way to expand your information gathering efforts.

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Simply download this app to your smartphone, create a list of your favorite programs, and turn driving time into .

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Million-dollar ideas often pop up at completely random moments. You need a tool for instantly capturing these thoughts.

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With Evernote, you pull out your phone and . It could be an audio reminder, a text document, or even a photograph of something inspirational.

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Sometimes your best ‘thought work’ happens away from the computer.

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Carry a notepad and you get to map out thoughts whenever you’re faced with a time waster.

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Want to on bad habits?

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Grab your copy of…

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Click me! Grab your copy of…

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