Beer in 20 Languages

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Beer IN 20 LANGUAGES EUROPE ASIA EURASIA AFRICA FRANCE GERMANY ITALY bière bier birra The languages included in this map are those with existing Living Language courses. The countries representing each language were selected based on population. S.AMERICA N.AMERICA CZECH REPUBLIC pivo FRENCH GERMAN ITALIAN CZECH GREECE NETHERLANDS HUNGARY SWEDEN BEE-rah μπύρα bier sört öl DUTCH HUNGARIAN SWEDISH POL AND JAPAN CHINA KOREA piwo biiru pí jiǔ 啤酒 biiru GREEK POLISH ビール 맥주 JAPANESE CHINESE ISR AEL THAIL AND TURKEY RUSSIA bíra beer khrup, beer kah bira PEE-vah HEBREW TURKISH KOREAN пиво ´ RUSSIAN THAI TANZANIA EGYPT BRAZIL MEXICO bia beera cerveja cerveza SWAHILI ARABIC PORTUGUESE SPANISH

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