10 Insights on Courage — Margie Warrell

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This presentation consists of highlights from the interview with Moe Abdou, founder & host of 33voices®.

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Margie Warrell CEO of Global Courage @margiewarrell Founding CEO of Global Courage, a women’s leadership organization, Margie is a strong advocate for gender equality and empowering women to become more influential catalysts for change. She regularly speaks at international women’s events with organizations such as the United Nations Foundation, Accenture and Oracle.v

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Insight #1 You’ll know you’re brave when your “Why” is bigger than your vulnerability.

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Insight #2 When you accept fear as just another object, you’ll know that it’s not what you fear that gets in the way. Rather, it’s what your mind links to that fear.

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Insight #3 Living without purpose is akin to walking aimlessly through life. Pause and ask yourself: Am I ready to live a life so wonderful that no one will ever feel sorry for me again?

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Insight #4 If you want to find your greatest love, look inside the hardest thing you do. That’s where it will be!

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Insight #5 “You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” - Rumi on aspirations

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Insight #6 Be mindful of the language you use to describe your life’s circumstances, for it’s a window into your level of resilience.

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Insight #7 Where your concentration goes, your energy flows, and that’s what grows. Be intentional about where you focus.

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Insight #8 One of the bravest of all acts is to think for yourself. Do it often.

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Insight #9 Dare more; take one small step in the direction of your dreams.

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Insight #10 The one habit, above others that will make you more courageous is to practice more gratitude.

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Reflect: What does your self-talk say about say about your bravery? tweet us!

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