Neat Life Hacks: 31 Days of Productivity

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LIFE HACKS 31 Days of Productivity #NeatLifeHacks

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Pro·duc·tiv·i·ty [proh-duhk-tiv-i-tee] noun 1. The quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services: ex. I’m going to try all 31 of Neat’s #LifeHacks so my coworkers all become jealous of my amazing productivity.

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Want to be more productive? Of course you do. Here are simple Productivity Life Hacks (or #neatlifehacks) to amp up your productivity. (Note: if you don’t see all 31, check back every day in July for the daily updates!) No need to thank us, but if you feel compelled, tweet the love to @NeatCompany using #NeatLifeHacks. You’re welcome.

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DAY 1 Work in 90 minute intervals separated by 10 minute breaks. The intervals are long enough to get work done, and the breaks will allow you to refresh your brain. TWEET ME!

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DAY 2 To-do lists help you understand what needs to be done and allows you to prioritize your tasks. For those with Type A personalities, there is nothing better than crossing off a task once it is complete. TWEET ME!

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DAY 3 Sometimes we form habits that become time sucks...and they can be hard to break. Identify your bad habits, write them down, and then make a conscious effort to stop doing them. TWEET ME!

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DAY 4 Feeling overwhelmed or stressed? When is the last time you had a moment to be competely still? Meditating is important for clearing your mind. Take 5 minutes to be mentally and physically still . TWEET ME!

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DAY 5 Studies show that if your space is clear, your mind can be clear. Take time to tidy up and you will feel the weight of the mess disappear. TWEET ME!

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DAY 6 Know what needs to be done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and set routines to making those things happen. A consistent routine leads to less confusion and ultimately, less wasted time. TWEET ME!

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DAY 7 Tassinct eceaque con nullit ommos as demquo iduciae officientem face sto tatatur aut et, sand and anit atis dem fugitate maiorem quiatur resciendit rempor eped es sitat iunt atur? Om nim agnita TWEET ME!

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DAY 8 A body in motion stays in motion, right? So move your body. Get your blood pumping, release endorphins, and stimulate your mind. TWEET ME!

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DAY 9 Do you really know how you're spending your time? Tracking time will help you understand where those hours go and help you evaluate and make changes to be more efficient. TWEET ME!

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DAY 10 Audiobooks might be one of the most overlooked tools. Seriously, you can do any other task WHILE "reading." Download some good audiobooks and enjoy while you exercise or commute. TWEET ME!

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DAY 11 Social media can be a time suck and you click down the black hole of status updates and vacations photos. Schedule time for social media so you don't disappear into a black abyss. TWEET ME!

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DAY 12 We all have lists full of tasks that go on and on...and on. Instead of just letting the list grow, priortize what needs to get done. Use looming deadlines and other factors to guide your plan of action. TWEET ME!

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DAY 13 All the alerts and updates can be a huge distraction and throw you off focus and off track. During your most productive hours of the day, disable alerts, notifications, etc. and get things done. TWEET ME!

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DAY 14 Often times we feel bad about saying "no," and end up taking on too much. Instead of filling up your plate, say "no" to things you can't handle or those that get in the way of your priorities. TWEET ME!

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DAY 15 High protein foods will give you energy and keep your brain fueled all day so you can stay at the top of your game. Snack on healthy foods and grab some almonds when you start feeling "hangry!" TWEET ME!

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