Tips to Start off the School Year on the Right Foot

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Rest for Success During the summer, children might stay up later than usual. It’s important to get back to a regular sleep schedule before school begins.

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Be Positive Your child might be nervous or worried about entering a new grade, so be sure to remind him or her about good school experiences in the past, and good ones that will come in the future.

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Beat the Rush Early on, be sure to get your child’s school supply list and to buy whatever he or she needs. This way you’ll be able to beat the crowds and ensure that supplies are still in stock.

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Whose Lunch Menu? Will your child buy lunch in the cafeteria or take his or her lunch to school? Will it depend on the day? If your child takes lunch to school, what kind of lunch will you prepare? Be able to answer these questions well before school starts, to avoid headaches down the road.

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Prepare for After School If you will be at work when the school day ends, how will your child return home? Will your child need to attend after-school care? Have all of the details ironed out well before the first day of school, if at all possible.

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Meet the Teacher Set up a time to meet your child’s teacher, and exchange contact information so that you and the teacher can communicate on a regular basis during the school year.

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Visit the School Visit the school before the first day of class, if possible, and especially if your child is attending a new school. This will help your child to ease any fears and feel comfortable in the new surroundings.

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Do a Few Trial Runs A week before school starts, spend a few mornings rehearsing everything that will happen on a typical school day. This will help you and your child to know how much time is needed to stick to the schedule.

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Talk, Talk, Talk After the school year starts, discuss with your child how he or she is adjusting. If any problems arise, you’ll be able to catch them early on, to help your child have a great year.

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