You’re 22, hmmm.

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You’re 22, hmmm. Here’s my advise to you.

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1. Talk to people Communication skills will pay out great rewards sooner than you think.

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2. Listen to people You will get more out of life if you shut your mouth and listen with the intention to learn.

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3. Be yourself with people Confidence is rooted in knowing who you are and who you will become, not on what they think of you.

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4. You are unique. Do not compare yourself with others. Catch yourself doing better than you used to, not better than others.

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5. Create. In your chosen field, there are more things to improve on, it can be better, faster, cheaper, smaller or bigger. Just create.

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6. Work hard, but work harder on yourself. It will create a fortune for you. Everybody lives once, but not everybody makes a fortune. That’s the key.

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7. Take care of your health. Do not abuse it. Do not over use it. You owe it to your future self.

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8. Time is far greater than gold. Use it well. No, don’t just use it well, fight for every second of it. If you don’t use it, you will lose it.

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9. Be grateful always Express your gratitude by saying it, by sharing it, by showing it, do it at all times, this is the only way to multiply your happiness.

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10. Guard your heart Everything you do flows from it - Proverbs 4:23. Stay away from corrupt talks and evil ways. Be ready and steadfast.

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11. Try. Try. Try. You wouldn’t know really if you don’t. There are no failures, if you don’t succeed you’d learn, then try again.

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12. God loves you and he wants the very best for you. Read the bible. Yes, you heard me. If you have 31 days each month, Proverbs got you a chapter covered everyday. Read with the intention to understand the heart and will of God for you.

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13. Be silent and smile. That’s what successful people do. You can practice now, you’re on your way there if you follow all these advise.