10 Steps To Be More Productive

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10 Steps To Be More Productive Brought to you by: MaidPro Kansas City

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Do The Hardest Task First. Many times we put off the task that will take the most time and effort. Set up your day to get it out of the way first thing. Leave the rest of your day free to complete quick tasks.

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Stop Multitasking. Prioritize, don’t multitask. Multitasking often leads to a lot of work that only touches the surface of projects. Set aside time to complete or make a difference in projects.

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Set Aside Email Time. Don’t constantly respond and check your email all day. Have you ever noticed how what was supposed to be 15mins of checking email turns into an hour? Instead, set aside time to respond to emails.

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Create at To-NOT Do List. Write down the things you revert to that keep you from being productive. This will help you catch your self in those moments and stay on track.

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Manage Your Energy Levels. More hours at your desk doesn’t mean you get more done. Set yourself up to get in the zone. Make sure you get enough sleep and eat so you can be productive.

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Time Yourself. Competition can be a great motivator. Time yourself during certain tasks to help ensure you get things done on time and don’t get distracted.

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Establish A Routine. Routines make us more efficient & help us to complete tasks quickly. Our brains are wired for routine. Use this process to help you streamline the work day.

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Write Things Down. Don’t expect to remember everything. Beat the brain drain by keeping track of the Must-Do and Do-Later tasks on your phone or in a note book.

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Say No. Focus on what you are looking to achieve. Don’t agree to meetings or projects you don’t have time for. Stay focused.

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Take Short Breaks. Look up from your desk every 30 minutes. Take a moment to re-focus and prioritize.

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