COACH YOURSELF 10 minutes. 10 steps. Get clear on your goals and start making changes.

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COACH YOURSELF 10 minutes. 10 steps. Get clear on your goals and start making changes.

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ARE YOU READY TO THINK DEEPLY? Take a moment. Park whatever else is going on for you.

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WHAT WOULD BE USEFUL TO EXPLORE TODAY? Identify one important area of your work, business or life where you have the feeling of a gap or an imbalance. Write down that area.

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HOW SATISFIED ARE YOU IN THIS AREA? On a scale of 1 – 10. Write down that rating. And give the rating some context: is it steady or rising? Has it been at that level for a while or just recently? Does that rating surprise you? If so, how? Write down a quick summary of that context.

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WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE TO YOU? Describe a "10”. Get specific. Take as long as you need.

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WHAT WILL THAT SUCCESS LEAD TO? What else will you get? What will be most different?

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HOW WILL WE KNOW YOU’VE ACHIEVED IT? What's the One Big Thing that tells us you've achieved your goal?

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OK. SO WHAT NOW NEEDS TO CHANGE? What are your priorities? What’s holding you back?

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WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO RIGHT NOW? One thing to move you forward, powerfully.

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AND HOW ARE YOU FEELING NOW ABOUT YOUR GOAL? On a scale of 1 – 10: how motivated are you to take that first step you identified? And if needed, what’s needed to make it a 10?

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AND FINALLY: WHO ARE YOU GOING TO SHARE THIS WITH? Great! You've defined a goal and set things in motion. NOW TELL SOMEONE.

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CONGRATULATIONS. YOU’RE DONE. So, how did it feel to take some time to focus-in on this area? Good, right? But I’ll guess it’s also got you thinking. If you’re sensing coaching could be of interest, get in touch for a no-obligation chat to find out how coaching could help you. ? ?