“Your Body Language shapes who you are”

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“Your Body Language shapes who you are”

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Dr. Singh Addressing the Nation

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Narendra Modi’s Address

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Does that make any Difference? Lets see!

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It is only our sheer judgement based on the energy, expression and body language that makes us believe that Mr Modi is the right person, the “achiever”

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Even the Animal kingdom follows the same.

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What do you observe?

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In the animal kingdom, they expand to display power, authority and confidence.

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So do Humans!!

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Research has shown that even a blind person on winning does this position, even though he/she has never seen anyone do the same.

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Even standing like a superman can make you feel more powerful. Why is that a pose/position affecting our mind??

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More than others, postures affect ourselves. Not only does mind drive body, but “Bodies drive mind, mind changes behaviour and behaviour changes outcomes.”

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Two Key Hormones in humans TESTOSTERONE Dominance hormone CORTISOL Stress hormone High power alpha males in primate hierarchies and Powerful and effective leaders have HIGH testosterone and LOW cortisol.

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If an individual needs to take an alpha role suddenly, within few days his TESTOSTERONE has gone up and his CORTISOL has dropped significantly!! So, there’s is a real possibility of positions and roles shaping the mind and thus outcomes!!!

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To further solidify the belief, the following research was done and the outcomes of it were extraordinary. People were divided in two groups and were interviewed! High stress interview No non-verbal evaluation Both interviewers and interviewee were blind to the hypothesis and conditions. It was like “Standing in social Quicksand”

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To be more precise, the interview condition was like this!

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Before the interview, people from two groups had different positions. Group 1(High Power) Group 2(Low Power)

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The following changes in Testosterone and Cortisol were observed. The interview, even without interviewing when shown the videos of groups before the interview said that “we want to hire the high power people. They bring more energy to the company!”

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Even if you feel ,”you don’t belong here, you are posing, its fake, its fraud!!” then what???

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Amy Cuddy had a story to tell of herself:- She met with an accident at 19, withdrew from college, I.Q dropped by two standard deviation.( I.Q was her thing). Felt depressed and lost. She took 4 years longer than her peers to complete college. She always felt she did not belong. What she did?? She faked and faked and went through Princeton, Harvard and became a professor. She faked till she became it and no longer felt the same.

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Find Time!! 2 minutes in the elevator, bus or anywhere to get your power pose and feel more powerful, confident and change your lives.

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Created by Sameer Agarwal, NIT Jalandhar, during an internship by Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow. www.iiminternship.com