Grow Your Confidence and Be Your Best!

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Grow Your Confidence and Be Your Best! A Human Workplace Slideshare Deck

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Nearly everyone struggles with confidence at some point “I wish I felt more sure about this decision.” “I hate having to answer questions at job interviews!” “Why do I criticize myself so much?”

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Almost everyone has experienced a MOJO DROP Maybe your job went away You start to doubt yourself! “Maybe when I felt competent and on top of things, I wasn’t!” Maybe I’m not that great after all!

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You are fine! It’s just that your MOJO FUEL TANK is empty If your car were out of gas, you wouldn’t beat up on yourself, would you?

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We all get depleted! Too much stress can make your confidence disappear!

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When our MOJO disappears, we forget about… Our talents Our accomplishments The people who love and support us Our dreams How great we felt and how much fun we had when we had LOTS OF MOJO!

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Your MOJO will come back! Five ways to rebuild your confidence: Get enough sleep Do something you like to do every day Spend time with supportive friends Get a journal and write in it Make your MOJO Fuel Tank a priority – but how?

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Grow your confidence with us! Join us in the virtual course Grow Your Confidence and Be Your Best! Choose the four-week edition, 12-week standard edition or 12-week Extreme Mojo Boost edition!

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How does the course work? You’ll receive a new lesson every week, with exercises and fun extras! You’ll work on your lessons as it suits your schedule best.

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Which edition is best for me? Choose the Four-Week edition if you need a confidence boost. Choose the 12-Week Standard Edition if you want to get past confidence challenges in your way. Choose the 12-Week Advanced EXTREME MOJO BOOST Edition if confidence issues are holding you back at work or in your life.

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Here’s what other course members say: “Thank you Human Workplace folks! Your exercises reminded me how many awesome things I’ve done in my career and how much I still want to accomplish. Thank you for giving me my MOJO back!” “I recommend this course for anyone who struggles with confidence issues. I was in my own way!”

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How much does the course cost? Grow Your Confidence and Be Your Best a virtual course beginning June 6th, 2015 Four-Week Edition: USD $129 12-week Standard Edition: USD $299 12-week Advanced EXTREME MOJO Edition: USD $599

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Questions for us? Reach us here! We are Human Workplace – a publishing, coaching and consulting firm. Our mission is to reinvent work for people. Human Workplace is a worldwide movement launched in 2012, with over one million members so far! www.humanworkplace.com Twitter: @humanworkplace

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Get your MOJO back!