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I AM STILL 22 Even though I am still 22, there are some things that I would like to do while I am still on this earth. This planet is massive in it’s vastness and array of …stuff. So I am putting the top 10 things that I would do before I turn 30 or get married haaahaa.

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BUNGEE JUMP Since I was young I have always wanted to fly and this pretty much comes close to it. *When I mean fly, I mean beyond the cabins and engines.

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HAVE A MERLOT! Believe it or not, I have never had wine before! This has got to be at the top of my list! I am not a fan of alcohol but a few sips won’t kill me…right?

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SLEEP UNDERNEATH THE STARS Why I chose this picture? I don’t know… I guess because in the movie Hazel lies underneath the stars and most people have watched “The Fault In Our Stars”… Just go with it ;)

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BURGER KIIING! Believe it or not but I have not yet tasted this! Apparently it’s the bees knees and others say that it’s not worth the effort walking up to the place. I still want to try it though ?.

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SHARK CAGE DIVING That shark totally looks like it’s going to eat that guy’s ear off. You should be observant in waters…cage or not. But yes, these are on of the things I would like to do.

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GET A PET CAT AND CALL IT MALAYSIA I have had pet dogs but not pet cats. I have a stray cat as my “pet” but she does not belong to me…we just hang out…no strings attached.

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FINDING THAT EVERLASTING SPECIAL OTHER I know this ties in with “receiving a valentines day gift from someone you like” but any boy can do that for me… This last entry is to find that special someone who you can spend the rest of your life with. Someone you can call your home. This might never happen but it’s worth the thought…right?

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OKAY THIS IS THE END! This is the end of my slideshow. Hope you enjoyed it!