Death and Taxes (Beta)

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Death and Taxes (Beta) A 13-model personality test based on… …The Mother of all 2x2s Venkatesh Rao vgr@ribbonfarm.com

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Useful but not essential prerequisites… Links are to blog posts of 2000-4000 words each, unless otherwise noted. This is about a day’s worth of reading. How to Fall off the Wagon Bruce Sterling Reboot talk (video, ~40 mins) Wikipedia page on John Boyd’s Energy-Maneuverability theory A Dent in the Universe Product-Driven versus Customer-Driven The Exercise of Authoritah The Interesting Times Triangle James Carse, Finite and Infinite Games (book – this Wikipedia summary should do it) The Economics of Pricelessness Take the Myers-Briggs test (find a free or paid version you like) You are Not an Artisan The Adjacency Fallacy AND/OR Nakatomi Space The Cactus and the Weasel Wikipedia page on Jane Jacobs Systems of Survival (Guardian vs. Commerce)

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The 13 models that follow have all been rudely shoved into this 2x2 Take a moment to think about the opposed pairs of axis labels Skip the models you don’t understand in the rest of the deck

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We’re not done yet

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Approach Mode: You are running towards life Retreat Mode: You are running away from life

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Circle the BIGGEST NUMBER in the Y column: This is your OUTER STRUGGLE Circle the BIGGEST NUMBER in the X column: This is your INNER STRUGGLE If your outer struggle is defined by a NEGATIVE number, you are falling off the wagon If your outer struggle is defined by a POSITIVE number, you are getting back ont he wagon We’re still not done yet… NOTE THE COLOR OF YOUR OUTER STRUGGLE ROW AND…

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Use your color to figure out whether you are a reformer or a disruptor 13

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NOW we’re done. This is all very beta. Comments and suggestions to vgr@ribbonfarm.com I’m developing versions for corporations/cities/nations. Email if interested in giving me lots of money to speed those versions up.