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Ridiculously Simple Productivity Hacks... 7

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Dwight Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States, used this simple matrix to rank tasks according to their importance. The Eisenhower Matrix

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The 80-20 Rule claims that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Identify what are the 20% of the tasks you complete that deliver 80% of your results and focus on those. The Pareto Principle

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A workout plan or even house chores can be broken down into daily tasks that could form a routine calendar. By completing one small task each day, in a month's time you can achieve impressive results. Routine Calendars

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Ban meetings, even if it's only for just one day of the week. You'll be surprised how much gets done when you don't have to fragment your day into multiple pieces so you could attend various meetings. No Meeting Wednesday's

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Enjoy an after work nap! It's a great solution for those that are highly productive at work, but aren't just as productive when it comes to their side-projects or house chores. A short nap will divide your day into two parts and reset your energy level and willpower. After Work Nap

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To increase your productivity you need a clean working space, so decide on a day of the month to be the one when you clean off your desk. Do it every month and start decluttering your entire life. Clean Off Your Desk Day

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Trick your brain into developing a new daily habit that will help you achieve a goal by offering yourself a reward. Wear a rubber band on your right hand and move it on your left after you've completed your goal-related daily task (did 20 pushups, meditate for 20 minutes etc). Rubber Band Habit

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