The Last Productivity Hack You'll Ever Need

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The Last Productivity Hack You’ll Ever Need as told by Bitmojis

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Do you ever: 1. Spend hours on a task that doesn’t advance your personal or company goals? 2. Feel overwhelmed by your growing to-do list? 3. Stare at your list with no idea where to start? We can help you with that…

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Meet Dwight Eisenhower…

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Fun Fact: Dwight D. Eisenhower was the best prioritize-r of all time. Good news: you can be, too!

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The Eisenhower Matrix Dwight used a matrix of 4 categories to prioritize his tasks and projects: 1. Critical, Do Now 2. Critical, but Do Later 3. Not Critical, but Do Now 4. Not Critical, Do Later This strategy optimizes organization and completion of both short term tasks and long term projects.

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“So, what’s the difference?” Critical – How important is the task/project? Do Now/Do Later – Does it need immediate attention? Will this task/project still be relevant a week from now? A month?

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Critical and Do Now If you have too many tasks in this category, you may be in trouble. These tasks must be dealt with before moving forward. Examples include: • Preparing for an investor meeting • Creating a Productivity Slideshare to be featured in January • Repairing malfunctioning security software

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Critical, but Do Later These tasks do not present hard deadlines, but will advance your goals, both professionally and personally. That being said, just because they do not have to be done now, don’t just let these tasks get dusty like your guitar from the 1980’s… Examples include: • Increasing marketability of your product • Taking a foreign language course

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Not Critical, but Do Now…“wait, what?” It is difficult to understand why task that is not critical should be done now. Consider this: these tasks are critical, however, it is not critical that you be the one to do them. These tasks have a lack demand for the skill set that you possess. Delegate them. They are not an efficient use of your time. Examples include: • Filling out conference registration forms due tomorrow • Cancelling your lunch meeting

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Not Critical, Do Later You may be thinking, “but, things in this quadrant will never get done”. That’s the point. By putting things in this box, you clear space in Quadrants 1-3 for more important items. Delete items that sit in this quadrant for more than 2 weeks. Examples include: • Reading an “interesting” article you found about skydiving • Finding a meme for your email signature

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“But, I have 100s of tasks, 1000s actually” It’s time you learned about the 3 C’s: Categorize, Categorize, Categorize! So, in reality, Eisenhower wasn’t the best prioritize-r of all time…we are. We figured out what he missed:

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You Need More Than 1 Matrix 1. Create one matrix for each project, goal, or responsibility you have 2. Sort tasks into each 3. Prioritize tasks within the projects What does that give you? Gimme an A! Gimme a C! Gimme a T! …

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Action Items! Action items are tangible tasks that you can check off one-by-one. …does a more satisfying feeling exist? They’re small steps that bring your projects to completion. …okay yeah, more satisfying feelings exist…

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…like Always Knowing What to Work On Every day, start at the top of Quadrant 1 in your most critical project. When you finish, move onto Q1 of your next project. Imagine how much time you can save when you stop staring at your to-do list, and start doing high-impact work. “…wait. It’s that easy?”

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Actually, it’s even easier than that.

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Priority Matrix by Appfluence Priority Matrix is a task and project management tool based on the Eisenhower Method of time management. With Priority Matrix you can: • Track progress on 1000s of items, across multiple projects • Seamlessly communicate priorities to your team • Hold more efficient meetings with demonstrated proof of work • Increase visibility and accountability • Become a more effective manager

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Our Favorite Features: • Add task notes, and upload files • Sync due dates to your Calendar; integrate with your e-mail • Collaborate with your team with one-touch delegation capabilities • Use our in-app chat to communicate with co-workers • Go mobile, work offline and sync seamlessly across all devices • Free productivity consultations for your position, and industry

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Start Your Free Trial, Today! Click Here for www.appfluence.com (and free download). For more productivity tips, check out our blog! Contact us: hello@appfluence.com

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