Your Keys to an Extraordinary Life of Fulfillment

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YOUR KEYS TO AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE OF FULFILLMENT Unlock your true potential through the power of parallel. While exclusive focus on outward achievement or inner fulfillment will bring results — combine these forces through the six primary categories of your life to create the truly extraordinary.

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75% K E Y 1 | H EALT H BALANCE YOUR BODY of your diet should 1 be composed of Power up the right way by eating more leafy green vegetables and cutting down on sugar to alkalize your body. Alkaline foods The majority of Americans are consuming too many acidic foods – and it’s making them sick. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes and depression are all linked to our food choices. Are you too acidic? 48 million Food-insecure households in 2014 K EY 2 | H EA LTH 2 HELP OTHERS Giving activates regions of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection and trust – and also releases endorphins resulting in a positive feeling known as the “helper’s high.” 3 46 million Americans living in poverty 2

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K EY 3 | T IM E MASTER YOUR TIME Feed your mind and put your N.E.T. Time (No extra time) to use. 42 hours wasted each year in traffic 4 1,011 hours wasted each year on watching TV 5 275 hours wasted each year on running errands 6 While you commute, run errands, exercise or clean the house, listen to podcasts or other short-burst resources that will help you achieve your dreams. KE Y 4 | TIME ALWAYS KNOW YOUR PURPOSE Challenges will always arise, even with the best time management system in place. Since 20% of what you do in life usually makes 80% of the difference, the “why” is the most important thing to know. If you have a great enough “why”, you will ignite 7 the emotional fuel achieve the “how.”

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K E Y 5 | W EALT H BUILD A MONEY MACHINE 1% The power of compounding can build your nest egg – but associated fees can rob you of what you’ve earned! A simple 1% in fees can cost you over 10 years of comfortable retirement funds. in fees $ 53,482 8 of retirement 8 out of 10 8 Average household income per year 10 10 years Americans don’t know what fees they are paying in their 401(k) mutual funds9 K E Y 6 | WEA LTH DISCOVER TRUE WEALTH Studies have found that making much more than that will not make you any happier Money doesn’t buy happiness. 1 in 4 Americans took all of their paid vacation days last year 11 Become financially free by saving more and building your money machine, but allow yourself to spend wisely. Create “magic moments” and incredible memories you can share for a lifetime with loved ones.

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K E Y 7 | BUSINES S OPTIMIZE AND MAXIMIZE Sometimes, the greatest growth opportunities don’t come from new initiatives, but executing existing processes more effectively. Small, incremental improvements in a few key areas, multiplied over time = geometric growth to the whole business. Whether it’s lead generation, sales and prospecting, sales conversion or changes to your offers, mobilize your team with a clear plan to target the specific improvements that will have the most impact. K EY 8 | B U SIN ESS ALIGN WITH YOUR TRUE NATURE Discover and cultivate your core leadership gifts to learn how to live to the fullest with what you do best. By not only cultivating your own abilities, but having compassion and appreciation of others’ gifts, you can create a synergy that allows you to work effectively toward a common vision. Many business owners are stuck in roles that don’t use their true talents. Everyone fits into one of three types: The Artist, Manager or Entrepreneur. Discover your driving force and nurture your unique leadership gifts.

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K EY 9 | M IN D & SPIR IT ADOPT EMPOWERING BELIEFS Free yourself from the beliefs that limit positive action and prevent you from reaching your potential. Our beliefs come from 5 places: our environment or circumstances, powerful life events, our knowledge, past results and future vision. Do your beliefs limit you or empower you? K E Y 1 0 | MIND & S PI RI T LIVE IN THE PRESENT AND CREATE A BEAUTIFUL STATE By exploring and identifying which emotions uniquely infuse your mind and spirit with the most joy, you can learn to cultivate their power to create a more fulfilling state of being.

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50% of marriages end in divorce 14 K EY 1 1 | R ELAT ION SH I P S KEEP THE PASSION ALIVE Create, experience and — most vitally — maintain the lasting passion you desire. By identifying and understanding what worked best in the beginning of your relationship, you can continue to meet the needs of your lover and enrich your mutual experience. 8.8 years average life of a marriage13 K E Y 1 2 | RELAT IONSH IPS PUT YOUR PARTNER FIRST The ultimate key to creating and experiencing an extraordinary, fulfilling relationship is to first work on yourself. When you raise your standards for your own behavior and actions, you will naturally empower and engage with the best in your partner.

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