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That you can set this year for your young child REALISTIC MONTHLY GOALS 12

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a goal can simply be an action that can be repeated and tracked. For young children, Use these examples as an inspiration for you and your child this year.

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put part of my allowance into the bank each week. In January, I will… 01

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do something kind for a family member each week. In February, I will… 02

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practice my spelling words for 15 minutes. In March, I will… 03

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read for 30 minutes every day. In April, I will… 04

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work on math problems for 30 minutes every night. In May, I will… 05

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eat fruit and vegetables every day. In June, I will 06

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make my bed every morning. In July, I will… 07

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participate in an activity or sport that I like, at least three times a week. In August, I will… 08

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drink at least one glass of water every day. In September, I will… 09

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help to clear off the table after every meal. In October, I will… 10

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talk to a new or shy kid in my school. In November, I will… 11

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finish my homework before bedtime every night. In December, I will… 12

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