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Five Types of Boredom And How to Use Them for Creativity Compiled by Mario Herger, PhD @mherger www.marioherger.at 5

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What is Boredom? Boredom is an emotional state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, and not interested in their surroundings. It is the opposite of engagement. There are five types of boredom: Thomas Goetz et al. Types of boredom: An experience sampling approach, 2014 http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11031-013-9385-y

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Apathetic Boredom 1

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Apathetic Boredom 1 Apathetic boredom is a very unpleasant form of boredom accompanied by a lack of motivation. It seems to be similar to depression, and it may have more negative consequences than other types of boredom.

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Reactant Boredom 2

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Reactant Boredom 2 When an individual can't change the circumstances — get up and leave the classroom or conference room — the experienced boredom may be accompanied by restlessness and aggression, along with the desire to do something else.

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Searching Boredom 3

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Searching Boredom 3 People who experience searching boredom are highly motivated to find a more interesting activity. This type of boredom can lead to innocuous behavior, like texting a friend, or may prompt violent or risky actions. However, searching boredom can also result in highly creative and positive actions, it is a big chance—it leads to actions.

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Calibrating Boredom 4

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Calibrating Boredom 4 This is a form where an individual lets her thoughts wander, is open to new ideas but doesn't feel any motivation to actually get up and do something. It is like daydreaming, but not actively searching for new actions.

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Indifferent Boredom 5

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Indifferent Boredom 5 This is a pleasant form of boredom, which is experienced as relaxing.

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Dimensions of Boredom Emotion Arousal calm fidgety + - Apathetic Indifferent Reactant Searching Calibrating

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Creativity To be creative, you need space for a specific period of time, as well as pondering time, confidence, and humor. John Cleese on Creativity & Humor

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Turning Boredom into Creativity Reactant Apathetic Searching Calibrating Indifferent Get professional help! NOW! Continue relaxing! Don’t worry how you look to others. Pretending to be busy is not making you creative or productive. Take as much time as you need to ponder, play, and try. Types of Boredom Action

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