The 6 Step Recipe To Get Yourself A Burn-Out!

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The 6 Step Recipe To Get Yourself A Burn-Out!

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1. Plan disappointment Choose a project to realise on your job. Imagine how happy your boss will be when he notices how much you are going to do for him. Think about all the promotion you will get, about how your boss will fall to his knees for you from gratitude.

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2. Work harder Start executing your little secret surprise project. Work hard and conscientious, do the right things, use all your talents and go the extra mile.

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3. Be disappointed Now you can proudly show some results, present your project to your boss. As an effective alternative, you can also hope that your boss already noticed the difference! Notice how your boss experiences his or her day just as any other day, and probably didn’t even notice the difference you have made.

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4. Read minds Imagine how your boss only thinks about you the whole day, his mind filled with negative and unhappy thoughts about you. Or, if you want to increase effectiveness, imagine your boss doesn’t think about you at all, never notices you and really doesn’t care whether you show up at work or not ..

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5. Selfdoubt Ask yourself the question: “What did I do wrong?” Start doubting your decisions, and the quality of your work. Start doubting your talents and most of all, yourself. It really helps to use your most negative self-critic here. “Do you really know your job?” Probably not! And guess what ... your colleagues are on to you! They know you’re not up to it. Continue worrying, preferably late at night in your bed so that you can easily ruin your sleep. This way you’ll really become worthless at work.

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6. Start all over again! Don’t give up! Start again at Step 1 but with higher expectations, bigger plans and work harder so that can you reach your burn-out even faster.

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But maybe you don’t like burn-outs! In that case: 1. Do good deeds without expecting something in return, 2. Stop reading other people’s minds, 3. Stop having negative conversations with yourself, 4. Know your triggers, 5. Break your patterns, 6. And if you want feedback, ask for it.

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